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Tailing the Komets

If you play golf...

... and would like to have a chance to tee it up with some Komets, the second-annual Putts for Mutts event will be held Aug. 8 at Chestnut Hills Golf Course. Cost is $400 for a team of four or $125 for indivdiual golfer or $400 to golf with a Komet. The list so far includes P.C. Drouin (best golfer on the team by far), Guy Dupuis, Colin Chin and Al Sims, but I also know Robbie Laird is heavily involved with this and they are working on some legends and other current players. For more information, call 797-2230 or 800-707-5884.

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Sun, 06/28/2009 - 2:20am

P.C.'s the best golfer, eh? Why am I not surprised. Unfortunately, the closest I've come to playing golf is Putt-Putt, and I can never get the ball through that blasted windmill.