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Tailing the Komets

I'm going to be sleeping

So I'm not going to be able to post direct links to all of our stuff for a while.

I'd ask you to please consider picking up a copy or 10 of the paper today because I promise you it will be worth it. We worked our tails off last night, had an awful lot of fun and I'm very proud of what we were able to produce. Make sure you check out Reggie Hayes' column which is about, well, you. Nobody does it better.

Once  you've read that, I'd suggest you check our our Komets page, where we'll soon have a slide show up of Game 5 from Ellie Bogue, Chad Ryan and maybe even me if I get lucky enough to be included. You also might want to check out our sports page, and our News-Sentinel front page to make sure you don't miss anything because I'm not positive where everything will be posted.

The games are over, but it's still going to be a busy week. Monday night we'll have another "Inside the Zone" with WANE's Glenn Marini going up sometime, Chad is working on a longer playoff video piece, and we'll see what we can get cooked up for Tuesday's party. On Wednesday we'll have a six-page special section coming out, and if you didn't notice at the bottom of that commemorative page we handed out, The News-Sentinel is also publishing a photo book on this season in the near future. Full color. I'll have more details on that later. First, I gotta kinda, you know, maybe figure out what to write about for it. Panic (and thus inspiration) will set in soon enough.

Thanks to Reggie, Ellie, Chad, Melody Schmitt-Foreman, Brad Saleik, Don Converset and the copy desk. I'm honored to work with you.

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Charlie Crawford
Sat, 05/09/2009 - 7:08am

I will be picking up a few copies before I go into work tonight. Wish I could have been there in person, but at least I saw last year!

Mark do you know when Komet Kaurters will have Championship items in to buy? Thanks!

Hit Somebody!!!
Sat, 05/09/2009 - 9:37am

Great coverage SuperFan. I have really enjoyed the job you and your Posse have done this season with adding lots of fun new things like the video coverage, Slim guys on Hockey, Chad Ryan's work, etc. Your efforts have been very much appreciated by everyone I am sure. Your number of readers has definitely increased by a longshot as well.

How much fun was that? It wasn't like last season, it is hard to compare the 2. Last season was definitely more dramatical at the end, but this season was fun because all this team went thru. They lose Beckett a couple of weeks in.....several huge injuries including the D-men and Chaulker....this season has to be the sweetest ever because the job that Big Al did holding things together. What other coach can mend the pieces of young talent and old talent and adding guys like Leo and MVL mid-season and keeping everyone "team" oriented. Just look at what happened to the Mighty IceHawks that were indestructable and no one thought would be beaten with the likes of Larry Sterling and Bryan Smolinski...how'd that work out for them....well they must have hated each other enough to whiff in the playoffs and to blow a huge points league at the end of the year. No one gave the Komets a chance this year, they never were in the conversation as to winning the season championship nor the Turner Kup.

The talk early on this year was how the great start the Komets had was bad for the IHL, then adversity set in and the talk went away over-night.....then they sparked in February and went on a run to go from 4th to 1st....win the Turner Kup, and the talk league-wide is how bad this is for the league? Well, no one made Port Huron choke on their lead once again, and no one made them make trades toward the end of the year and add more egos to that team. Musky made trades to try and improve their make-up, they added Robin "Prison Rules" Bouchard as well.....

Bottom-line.....the Komets organization is strong, they out-work their competition by out-scouting them and by out-coaching them. They have a great core group of players that concentrate on "Team" first and Big Al demands excellence and for the team to keep the eye on the prize. I don't feel sorry for the rest of the league as they cry once again that the Komets won...things go in cycles anyways. This is 2 in a row. Did anyone cry when Muskegon was winning multiple cups in the UHL....or Quad City.....or Flint?

Great Job Fort Wayne Komets, Fans.....Super Fans.....another awesome season and one that we will never forget.

Let the off-season begin, wonder who will return to this team next year? Wonder if some of our old-dudes are thinking of the "R" word right now? I am sure that we will re-load and make another run. Big Al....will he get the call to the higher leagues now? Or is he happy coaching for the greatest Minor League Hockey team in the world?

Hit Somebody!!! Out.......

Sat, 05/09/2009 - 9:45am

Well done sports and online crews for the excellent content on a quick turnaround! They stayed up the rest of the night working hard to put together a great package for today's edition.

Sat, 05/09/2009 - 1:48pm


We have the Championship shirts in now, and the hats will come in early in the week. Thats all I know of right now...if i know more i'll post it up...and keep checking Kometkuarters.com. I'll be posting up new stuff over the summer since we are a bit slower and I have the time to do so..

Charlie Crawford
Sat, 05/09/2009 - 6:14pm


Thanks Mark! I will be in sometime this week or early next then!

Sun, 05/10/2009 - 10:13am

Just wanted to say Thanks to the Orange and Black. After 35 years, with some very painful finishes I do say that this one was a fun one to watch win. I also was wondering if anyone had recorded it and will have DVD's available? Thanks again for a great finish!!!

Sun, 05/10/2009 - 4:09pm

Yes, thanks for another year of great Komets coverage. We are truly blessed here in the Fort in that regard. And a big THANK YOU to the newspapers, radio stations, etc. that make it all possible. :)

Hmmmm... I probably won't buy a hat this year. I got one last year, but they are one size fits all and way too large for me. It's funny, because other bloggers keep telling me that I have a big head, but apparently that's just not the case. lol.