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Tailing the Komets

Inside the Zone, Rapid City redeux

Posted in: Komets


Mon, 04/25/2011 - 5:14pm

What ever the management decides to next year one thing I noticed is they better recruit some size. Some of the teams resembled a football type of body upfront. King, Reaney, Harvey, Penner in Colorado are some big guys who have a lot of tools. They all skate well play with toughness and score the garbage goal. That has to be an emphasis for next year

Mon, 04/25/2011 - 6:19pm

Check this out,maybe franke was wrong ???????

Mon, 04/25/2011 - 6:58pm

Oh, please....he did not make up that he was fine to return to the ice, mightbite....he may have never been very injured on the hit to begin with. A concussion does not necessarily show up on an x-ray. It's one of those "silent" sort of injuries that you don't "see". You base it on symptomology. Is he seeing double, dizzy, nauseous, have a headache, etc.? He may or may not have swelling in the brain. But often there are no physical indications that there was any trauma to the brain to indicate that there has been actual damage. You just have to base it on how they were before, and how they are feeling. But then, I'm not a doctor. I can, however, read a medical report....I can even understand 99% of what's in them. It's part of my job. Apparently, it's part of the CHL commisioner's job, as well.

just a fan
Tue, 04/26/2011 - 9:10am

Sims would never play them enough. Bigger guys that is.