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Tailing the Komets

Interesting numbers

I was talking with UHL Vice President of Hockey Operations Brad Jones today about a few topics and he gave me some interesting statistics I thought I'd share.

Six weeks into the 2004-05 season there had been 125 high sticking minors, 134 for holding, 134 for hooking and 181 for slashing.

Six weeks into this season -- with 10 more games on the schedule for one more team -- there have been 159 calls for high sticking, 188 holding calls, 340 hooking call and 203 slashing minors.

"This tells me that the standard that we've enforced in regards to restraining fouls is being adhered to by the referees,'' Jones said. "Obviously the biggest area is the hooking, which we expected. We were looking at eliminating clutching and grabbing and that often leads to hooking.''

Jones said there's also been 16 unsportsmanlike conduct calls for diving this season. That has to increase.

I'm of the opinion, the stricter the calls the better. The players will adjust because they'll have to, and we'll have a better game because of it. Force them to move their feet the way the game was designed. For the most part, this year's games have been much more interesting in terms of pace of play and flow of the game.

I expect the Komets will make some adjustments this weekend after coach Greg Puhalski's admonition last week. At least they better make some adjustments before Puhalski has to make some adjustments of his own.

Another interesting number I just found: The winning percentage of Komets' opponents heading into games is .622. No wonder the Komets think they have played the league's toughest schedule. It will get even tougher this weekend.

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Wed, 11/30/2005 - 9:37pm

well i'm not a hockey expert but i do enjoy going to ALL the home games, and watching the away games on B2. here we go, lots of thoughts on this blog.

I Think the B2 broadcasts should be blacked out locally. I want the team to succeed because i like going to the games. For the team to succeed you need fans in the stands. With the internet there is no way to control the blackouts. I can't imagine the B2 broadcasts making the UHL a lot of money, if i were the league i would focus on getting fans in the stands and having an exciting (fewer penalties)entertainment product to watch. i don't know how teams make it averaging less then 3,000 fans per game. Currently 9 of the 14 teams average 3,001 fans or less per game. As for the coliseum origination fee, great move, i want my "county government owned" entertainment facility to make money so it relies less on the taxpayers.

i've seen some great 2 line passes this year since they "removed" the red line, one of those i don't think will be topped, if perfect exists that was it.

i have been a little bored / disappointed with all the penalties that are being called. i just don't like to watch penalty killing the whole game. Can / will the players league wide improve or is the UHL's expectations just a bit too much?

Thu, 12/01/2005 - 6:27am

I think the players are already adjusting somewhat. Look at the visors as an example. I talked to most of the players this week, and they said they really don't mind wearing them. The players will either adjust or they'll be out of a job. It's really that blunt. The league just has to stick with it, and it's easier to do that since all of hockey is doing it.

Thu, 12/01/2005 - 8:39pm

I think many are missing the point of B2 broadcasts. You hit it on the money when you said you doubt the UHL is making much, if any money on them. They are offering a service to help expose the league to others, and to let the fans see their teams on the road. I think it is selfish to say we won't do them (when it was agreed upon by the board of govenors). I think the league should fine the Komets for every game not broadcasted.

It will not lower attendance.... that is just insane to even think that. I'm sorry but if you have ever watched a broadcast, the quality isn't there. To say that a family of 4 will pay $6 and enjoy the game on the internet is a bit far fetched. Ben Smith wrote a GREAT article a few weeks ago on this. I admire him because he speaks his mind and doesn't mind upsetting the Frankes.

What will lower attendance?
*Increasing ticket prices $1 each year
*Increasing advertising to the point where everything has a sponsor (including the national anthem)
*Eliminating things fans enjoy (like the song they used to play for goals), because of sponsors threatening to pull out.
*Not doing work during the off season and making huge roster cuts almost 2 months into the season.

As for the fee that the coliseum charges for broadcasts that is just insane. We already pay at least $3 a game to park, they get 50 cents on every ticket sold, they get the concession income.... Now, if this fee goes back to taxpayers, then it would be justified. However, I don't think that it does....