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Tailing the Komets

It's been a long night

The puck on the game-winning goal rolled all the way in from the blueline on its edge. Nick thought he had it covered, but it kept rolling behind him where Jamie Schaafsma picked it up and scored from the side before Nick could re-located the puck.

That's about the only goal I could say Nick should have had. The rest were directly the result of turnovers, with Flint shooting from 10 feet and in. Not much he could do about that. Guy had a rough night. He had a chance to clear the puck on the power play at the end of regulation and could not get it out, and Smolinski just made a big-time play.

Some notes: Highest-scoring Komets playoff game since 1995... First time they have had three one-goal games to open a series since 2000 against Quad City... Justin Hodgman has points in eight straight games... Colin Chaulk got hit knee-on-knee by Schaafsma in overtime, and hobbled off the ice but was able to return... P.C. Drouin and Sean O'Connor were also both -3... I think O'C is going to score a couple in an upcoming game. He's playing well offensively and he's due... Flint scored two power-play goals and two other goals off the same play, with a man behind the net hitting a guy on the wing. Komets said that's something the Generals have done all year, but they did not cover it very well... Brad MacMillan played well in a spot role, earning a pair of FW power plays... How important was Game 3? The Komets were trying to go up 3-0 and they had not lost four games in a row all year. Flint had won four game sin a

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Thu, 05/13/2010 - 7:15am

What an entertaining game it was. Very sloppy. I thought Syro and Chewy played heck of a game....the Defense the komets played was very, very poor, break downs all over the place...there is no way they should give up 7 goals to this Flint team. OC penalty with 1:37 left was a STUPID penalty on his part, there was no need for it..he wasn't beat that badly, use your speed OC. Then off the faceoff Dupuis cleared the puck and ALMOST hit the empty net. Gotta give it ot Flint though, they came out to support the Generals...2500 strong, biggest crowd I have seen there in awhile.