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Tailing the Komets

Just talked with Randy Brown

The coliseum GM. He said they are going to check their system and see what they can do to tweak it. He also said he appreciated the input from the fans. We'll see how things sound on Wednesday.

This is probably like everything else in life: live, learn and adjust.

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Mon, 12/19/2005 - 11:00am

Any suggestions? Realize that they won't be going back to the old one.
And I'm not that powerful. Don't want to be, either.

Mon, 12/19/2005 - 12:39pm

A couple suggestions on the song would be song 2 from Blur or a song called ZombieNation, it's the song the maple leafs use after they score. But anything, anything but olie, olie. Leave that crap to soccer!

Mon, 12/19/2005 - 12:51pm

What exactly was wrong with the "Hey, You Suck" song? It was just music and we, the fans added the chorus. Please don't tell me people got offended and the Komets decided to do the political correct thing.

The Ole' song is terrible. That is soccer fellas although the Canadians use it when they score. Go figure.

ms. k fan
Mon, 12/19/2005 - 1:04pm

i can't stand the ole ole song, i think we need to vote on a song that we all like, its apparent that not many like this one.

the komet fan
Mon, 12/19/2005 - 1:05pm

Personally I kinda like Ole Ole.

Mon, 12/19/2005 - 1:09pm

The Blur song is alright. The Komets played that last year during the "You suck" hiatis for awhile.

The song you referred to called Zombie Nation is partially right. Its actually called Kern Kraft 400 by Zombie Nation. And the Komets have played that before too.

Either one is better than the soccer chant but nothing, and I mean nothing beats a sweet goal followed by 7,000 people singing "hey, you suck" in unison and pointing at the opposing goalie.

Mon, 12/19/2005 - 1:10pm

i sit in a couple of areas, the club seat volume is fine, however i sat close to twister last game and it was hard to hear.

Maybe larry can come up with a new tune and create a chant, something we can all get into, crowd hasn't been really riled up since the banning of the "you know what song". its still fun but hasn't been as loud as when the old song was played.

Mon, 12/19/2005 - 1:42pm

ya - how bout some suggestions instead of just complaining. I'm sure there's more arenas than just fort wayne or the Montreal Canadiens that use Ole. It's not like they're doing something sacriligous. It's a celebration song. Just stand up, cheer and enjoy it. Why take everything so seriously?

Mon, 12/19/2005 - 1:49pm

I got to admit, when I took my nephews to the games, the You Suck stuff was old. How can I teach them right and wrong when somebody next to them is yelling "You suck,'' and they know they'd get in trouble if they did it? I thought it was a good move, especially since the Komets are always being sold as family entertainment.

But I'm sure I'll get railed on with that one. Rail away.

Mon, 12/19/2005 - 3:09pm

I am partial to "Rock & Roll part 2" myself because the crowd gets into it. I feel the goal scoring song should be something that the fans can get into. The "Ole Ole" song has little to no fan participation. Last night I was watching the Washington Redskins game on Fox, and they play "Rock & Roll part 2" when the team scores a touchdown, and 90,000 fans were participating so loud that I could hear them on my TV. Now that is the capital of the USA, you would think the "political correctness" would be the highest there, however they allow their fans to have fun and get into the heads of the opposing team. That is what that song does, it gets into the heads of the other team and they HATE it when it is played.....more the reason to BLAST it when we score!!!!!

Mon, 12/19/2005 - 6:29pm

My opinion is it was removed more because of the crowd saying "we're gonna beat the hell out of you" portion than "hey, you suck." That I suppose I could go along with but if your any kind of parent your kids will know what is right or wrong. Whats next? Icy is no longer allowed to do hip grinds? The song surely more tame than anything they are picking up going to school every day. I'm partial because I love how the crowd gets into that song but I can see the point too.

Mon, 12/19/2005 - 6:54pm

Outside of the Zombie Nation tune, I found another that would be perfect for Fort Wayne although its not original.


Simply insert "Komets" and with a little crowd training we would have a nice goal song.

Mon, 12/19/2005 - 7:12pm

Blake... you mention your nephews and teaching them right and wrong. What about when fights break out? Saying you suck is way more offensive then 2 grown men beating each other up.... Come on! I have heard from a reliable source that it was pulled because of sponsorship threats, and we all know how much the Frankes love the sponsors!

Komets pa
Mon, 12/19/2005 - 8:44pm

Blake, what have you started?? lol
Well, at least we know how people feel about certain songs. Yes it was hard to give up the old goal song but life goes on and sometimes you have to change things up a bit. The song had been played for 14 + years. In fact, the version that Quad City uses came from Jim Amstutz many years ago when we were in the 'I' and Quad City was an affiliate of ours. Personally, I loved when people got into it, but I didn't like knowing that little kids were doing it. I know they hear worse elsewhere but that's not the point. Just a little bit of old fashioned in me. Just be happy that no matter what song we play for the goal being scored, at least we scored. And that's something everyone should be happy about. The boys are getting it together and just be happy that the goals are going up on the board and don't worry so much about what we play to celebrate that accomplishment. After all, it's just a song. We still have the best fans in the league and the biggest crowds. What do we really have to complain about now that we are winning again? As for other songs being played at the games, I'm working to bring a few new songs in every game. It's hard to play some songs when you only have around 10-13 seconds that the song will be heard anyways. It has to start strong and be fairly recognizable. But as with every year I try to find a few new ones. I know people will have suggestions but I try to appeal the masses. Thanks for the input and I'll keep trying to make the game as enjoyable to listen to as it is to watch. Now I have to stop watching the blogs before my head explodes :)

Mon, 12/19/2005 - 8:56pm

Needs more cowbell.

Tue, 12/20/2005 - 1:31pm

I gotta fever, And I gotta have more cowbell too. Good call scoops.

Wed, 12/21/2005 - 7:15am

While I agree the Gary Glitter song is probably the single most used celebration song used in sports, its not Larry's fault we are not using it here. This decision came from high up on the food chain for a reason (money, public backlash, for the kids, or whatever).

Out of curiosity, was there any backlash for using it once last year in the playoffs? I remember that baby out for a goal we scored and the place went nuts!!!

Wed, 12/21/2005 - 11:59am

Wow, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you, too, T. Peace on earth.

Wed, 12/21/2005 - 12:28pm


The reason is because everyone has to be so politically correct. The way it was is that majority ruled, now if 1 person out of 1,000,000 people doesnt like how things are, that 1 persons need are met and the other 999,999 people are pissed. Example: stores having to say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas.

Wed, 12/21/2005 - 12:31pm

There must not have been any backlash for the "you suck" in the playoffs. Take a look at the ice, I dont think any sponsors pull out because of it.

Komets PA
Wed, 12/21/2005 - 12:37pm

Sorry T, Some things are out of my hands.
Komet hockey has been a part of my entire life. I have been going to games since I was 2 weeks old. I still live and die with each loss. It was not a personal choice to make some changes. But things move forward. Worry about goals and not what song gets played with them. It's hard enough to find songs to play these days that I don't have to edit.
I hardly ever tell the crowd to yell because I'm not a cheerleader and it's not my job. Plus, you already know how to yell. Just back the team and stop worrying about a song. Enjoy the game and hope for more victories. Merry Christmas Komet Fans!!!

Wed, 12/21/2005 - 2:09pm

When I was in Mississippi they had an announcer there that made carved himself a little niche in the action. By the songs he played, when he played them, and how he said things over the PA, the crowd responded to him. The guy was just flat out awesome. He was very much a cheerleader even though he was just doing his job, his way. You in part already much of the same things he does. The songs you play and the timing that you play your soundbites are reactionary items. Sometimes the way you announce penalties with a tad of sarcasm behind it is drawing a reaction from the crowd. In a round about way you are a cheerleader.
I was hoping you would be more a part of the discussion instead of trying to defuse it. Who cares what some of the morons here think. Anyone with an once of grey matter knows "you suck" getting archived is not your fault. The people here will still back the team even if there is nothing played after the goals. That is neither here nor there. Some os us are just throwing out ideas and if they can work, fine. If you don't think they are good ideas or cannot be done, then that is fine too. Ultimately its your position and you will do it how you think is best. It would be nice to get your reaction to some of the songs presented instead of reacting to those who don't deserve a response. See ya tonight..........

Komets PA
Wed, 12/21/2005 - 9:30pm

Thanks Scoops,
Yes, sarcasm does have it's place some nights. I appreciate the suggestions and we kicked around alot of ideas. When you replace something that means alot to people, but you need to make a change, it's not easy. I always try to remember what the late Jim Amstutz brought to the game and always have done my job just as if I was filling it. He had a big impact on me and was a very funny guy. With the changes in music being so drastic over the past few years, it's made the job more challenging. But I do search out new songs to play by getting playlists from other sports teams. I do get input from alot of people but if there's something you hear in another arena and think it would work here, I'm all ears. I do listen to a ton of music, but am open to suggestions. But I can't play everything knowing that only around 25 songs get played per night and only for a few seconds each.
The crowd is just starting to get into ole ole from the response I heard tonight. It's a fun song and not a typical version you might hear elsewhere. Listen closely and you'll find a place to put in those "certain words". But you didn't hear that from me! :)

Thu, 12/22/2005 - 2:05pm

We do already.... :)

Fri, 12/23/2005 - 8:58am

Twister had something going on in the ole song last game, watch and listen tonight.

Fri, 12/23/2005 - 9:02am

What is he doing? Can't see him from Michigan :-(

Fri, 12/23/2005 - 1:43pm

can't hear him, i sit across from him, maybe someone else will hear.