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Opening Arguments

Keep the faith, baby

The big three Democratic presidential candidates have religion or, to be precise, "faith," which, as described in this article, seems like some internal, generic pep-talk button they push when gloomy. This is intriguing:

The three leading Democratic presidential contenders have all hired religious outreach advisers, although it is unclear if these aides have the kind of influence that the campaigns' liaisons to labor groups or more traditional constituencies enjoy.

I don't get this strategy. If I'm a non-believer, it doesn't impress me; these candidates are trying to appeal to people I see as fundamentally misguided; why don't they hire an agnostic adviser? If I'm a believer, I question their sincerity. Why do they need "advisers" to help them with religious "outreach"? Don't they learn about sharing their faith when they go to, you know, church?