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Opening Arguments

Keep those cards and letters coming

A couple of updates:

1. So far, only one person has taken me up on my suggestion that the city and ordinary citizens split the cost of park benches for downtown. So, that's . . . two park benches. City Council President Tom Smith called to say he liked the idea, but he didn't offer to put up any city money. Maybe this is one of those Catch-22 situations: Nobody wants to jump in until the city commits, but the city doesn't want to commit until people express some support. Or maybe it's just a bad idea. One person did add to it in an intriguing way: Make artist-decorated park benches the city's next public art project. 

2. My recipe for spicy sloppy joes was picked up by an updated-weekly blog called Carnival of Recipes. If you're into cooking, check out some of the dishes there. I think I'll have to try the Chicago hot dogs or the shrimp fetuccine or the cowboy cupcakes or . . .


Mon, 08/15/2005 - 11:43am

Park benches alone won't revitalize downtown Fort Wayne, but it's a small project that can easily be done. I'd be willing to talk to you more about making it happen.

N.B. I'm listening to Malcolm Gladwell's "The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference" for the second time!