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Opening Arguments

Know when to fold 'em

The General Assembly's study committe on gambling has issued its report, and Fort Wayne's chances to get a referendum on a casino here, always slim, have been whittled even further. Among the report's points:

--An expansion of gambling to new cities or counties is not in the best interest of the state or industry.

The committee doesn't call its report "recommendations" but, rather, "findings" that individual legislators should consider the guidelines behind when introducing legislation. But there was never much appetite for a referendum anyway, including among key legislators such as our own David Long, Senate president pro tem. Time to move on, Mayor Henry.


Wed, 12/09/2009 - 11:49am

Its coming Sen Long...deal with it. Even Mitch is not opposed to a Fort Wayne site. Expanding no..transferring yes. And I am excited. It WILL be a reality sooner than later.