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Tailing the Komets


Posted in: Komets


Mr Snufflupugus
Tue, 05/24/2011 - 11:09am

Got a sneak peak at this a couple weeks ago. Love it. A bit like the Canucks 40th anniversary logo. Not too "busy" and very classy.

Tue, 05/24/2011 - 11:20am

A lot better than the 50th

Tue, 05/24/2011 - 11:26am

I like the way they combined both logos without it getting too cluttered. Very nicely done.

Tue, 05/24/2011 - 11:48am

I like this quite a bit. I'm sure my father will love that they used the Kaptain Komet logo on it. It is his favorite!

Tue, 05/24/2011 - 12:09pm

Looks great. Maybe this time they'll release the jerseys before the season starts and get some excitement going for them?

Tue, 05/24/2011 - 12:52pm


Tue, 05/24/2011 - 1:49pm

Agreed GM -

Anniversaries are fine as PATCHES, not as the primary logo on a jersey.

The one I'll always remember is in the 1976-77 season, when they put K-25 around the waist of the white jerseys for the team's 25th anniversary.

Just noticed this on the logo/patch - there are seven rivets around the border - could that be one for each Turner Cup championship or is it just coincidence?

Tue, 05/24/2011 - 3:24pm

I agree, use as a shoulder patch.

Tue, 05/24/2011 - 3:42pm

I am sure that was meant to be...when companies make new logos (most of the time) EVERY detail is fussed over.

Tue, 05/24/2011 - 4:07pm

Nice logo. I agree it should be a patch. And maybe use it as the logo at center ice for 1 year.

Tue, 05/24/2011 - 6:10pm

I'm a fan!

Tue, 05/24/2011 - 6:13pm

I'm sort of underwhelmed, although I do like the use of Kaptain Komet. Maybe it will grow on me. I like the idea of it beibng a shoulder patch. I'd get one of those and add it to my son's jersey in that perspective.

Tue, 05/24/2011 - 6:14pm

Oops...*being* a shoulder patch...

Frank Drebin
Tue, 05/24/2011 - 7:09pm

Definitely liking this design and definitely needs to be at center ice for the season. Good job Komets!

Tue, 05/24/2011 - 9:01pm

i like this

Wed, 05/25/2011 - 3:25am

If it is good enough for Burgee it just has to be good enough for everyone.

I like it! I am sure they will get all they can get out of it. Just makes good business sense!

Wed, 05/25/2011 - 8:16pm

I like the logo... Its classy and not too busy. I've never really liked the Kaptain Komet logo; but it works here....

I wonder why Hit hasnt posted drooling over this new logo yet?????

I'm sure he will buy jersey's for the whole family even if its just a patch..... LOL

Thu, 05/26/2011 - 6:32am

Just have never liked Kaptain Komet. He looks like a deranged spaceman. Sorry. Other than that, I like the 60th logo. Would prefer it to be a patch. My all time favorite jersey logo is the fireball.

Thu, 05/26/2011 - 9:01pm

Love the Logo. Love Kaptain Komet. Where and when do I get to purchase the new Jersey? Can't wait. I too might buy one for the whole family. Maybe even you JR. :)

Fri, 05/27/2011 - 12:31am

Ground control to Kaptain Komet... I had a feeling he might be making a return next season. Nice logo. Well done.