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Tailing the Komets

Komets are playing without Chaulk

He's home taking care of his family which is battling the flu bug -- all of them.

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Sat, 11/01/2008 - 8:12pm

I hope his family gets feeling better. Family should always come first.

I am watching the game on B2, and we seem to be getting out played tonight. Bloomington looks good.

Sat, 11/01/2008 - 8:32pm

I guess we can't win them all. LOL! Seemed to me that we had some mental errors, and just had to real spark.

Congrats to Bloomington, they played a good game, and I think out played us. Oh well we can get them next weekend!

Sat, 11/01/2008 - 8:33pm

Should read no real spark.

Sun, 11/02/2008 - 1:34pm

I think the signing of Leo Thomas for Bloomington is going to add alot to their team

Sun, 11/02/2008 - 1:59pm

I agree with you Jared. It was kind of funny because on the B2 during his interview with the Bloomington radio guy, he made it sound like Bloomington was his last choice to come play. But I think you are right, and he will bring alot to their team.

Sun, 11/02/2008 - 3:03pm

A lot of one-way play and no defense, yeah.

Sun, 11/02/2008 - 7:37pm

Last year, I was just extremely impressed with his speed. After the preseason game I went to, Bloomington needed to add speed.