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Tailing the Komets

Komets look for better showing against IceMen

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Mr Snufflupugus
Fri, 10/28/2011 - 11:58am

Happy to see Smith continue to become a stronger leader on this team.

Fri, 10/28/2011 - 12:42pm

As the off-season progressed, and the roster was being shaped, I often commented how pleased I was with how the defense was being put together. It was the offense that I questioned and was yapping about all the time. Then, in the same day, Cescon was traded for Bennefield and Simon Mangos retired. The Komets' offense took a large step forward but the loss of two experienced players on defense weakened that unit. In fact, I think the defense was thrown for a loop.

The Bennefield acquisition was important. He will be a solid scorer here. Now, the K's are kinda forced to remake their defense. With Henley, and maybe even more importantly Lovell, the defense will have a slightly better foundation.

When you look at the Komets on paper, it is surprising to think that they would be shut out. Chaulk, Thomas, Smith, Bennefield, Chaumont, Shrock, Auger, and Podshendyalov, have all had some success at putting the puck in the net. Defensenen Milam and DeAngelis should help too.

Even thought we're heading in to only the second game of the season, I can't help but feel we are still a scorer short. Ideally I would like to see one of the rookies break out with a terrific season. That doesn't seem to happen all that frequently here in Fort Wayne.

We need another scorer, a player who will camp his butt in front of the net. Preferably a player who has not attained the status of being a veteran. As Lovell begins to play, the vets are going to be at the league limit. This team is so close to being "special", yet the puzzle doesn't seem complete to me.

I know nothing of "immigration" papers and how they are to be filled out. I would think the Komets would help players in filling these things out so there are no obvious errors made. The delay of Thorne, Beech, and Lovell put a hit in the evaluations of these guys and the determination of final roster spots. But, like I said, I know nothing of how these things work.

Boy, would I like to see a player from Europe come over here and "park" himself about five feet in front of the opposing goaltender. It could be the missing piece.

On another note, it's too bad for LaPointe. A nice player with defensive and face-off skills. To be honest though, I thought he might become expendable with the youth movement and such a large camp.. Good Luck to him.

Fri, 10/28/2011 - 12:45pm

Another nice book, right?

Fri, 10/28/2011 - 1:01pm

We do really need someone in front of the net we all see it why the heck don't sims see it and do something about it

Ricky L Capps
Fri, 10/28/2011 - 1:12pm

Better showing?? Hmmm

Hit Somebody!!!
Fri, 10/28/2011 - 1:21pm

Happy that Chaulk is here and is our Captain...he is a Super Player and Super Leader....He will help get this thing in the right direction like he has before. :)