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Opening Arguments

Last respects

I did a post last week disagreeing with a state legislator's intention to make disorderly conduct at military funerals a felony, rather than a misdemeanor in line with most other disorderly conduct charges. As despicable as such protests are, making them felonies, I thought, would amount to unequal treatment under the law. That brought a response from Steve Towsley (original post and comments here), who argued that:

Unless we want the kind of funerals they've had for many years in Northern Ireland, complete with armed violence, the government may need to assure the peace by law at all funerals, military or otherwise.

The more the idiots from Westboro Babtist Church act out, the more inclined I am to agree with Steve.

Of course, the Westboro loons aren't the only ones who use the war dead for their own purposes.