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Opening Arguments

Let's just throw money

Since there is a widespread perception that enough wasn't done in the wake of Katrina, naturally Congress will do far too much and not pay any attention at all to how the money is actually spent. And heaven forbid we should make up part of the expanding deficit by doing anything radical:

They also have suggested eliminating the billions in pork-barrel spending projects added to the transportation bill, which Bush recently signed. Others would like across-the-board spending cuts of 10 percent.


Mike Sylvester LP
Tue, 09/13/2005 - 7:19am

There are still some fiscal conservatives in the Republican Party; but, they are an extreme MINORITY in the Republican Party.

There is NO DOUBT that 10% of the Federal Budget could be cut by anyone with a little bit of Common Sense. In fact, we could cut 10% from The Federal Budget and lose almost no programs if we just consolidated departments and eliminated fraud and waste. There is also NO DOUBT that we could ELIMINATE all Federal Pork from the Budget with ease.

Neither of these will happen; our elected officials want to spend today, and let future generations pay the bill...

I have a prediction for you. I think The Federal government will spend over 250 BILLION dollars on Hurricane Relief. I think The Federal government will COMPLETELY rebuild New Orleans no matter what the cost. They will make it a national goal kind of like "sending a man to the moon" a few decades ago.

We need to elect some fiscal conservatives (Libertarians)...

Leo Morris
Tue, 09/13/2005 - 7:46am

Mike: Re. your prediction about total spending and the rebuilding of N.O.: I ain't taking that bet