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Tailing the Komets

Let's try this again

What would you like to see the new commissioner accomplish? What would you put on his priority list?

I'd like to see him really work on big-picture things. Just think what it could mean to the entire league if he could somehow come up with a major, major sponsor for the entire league. That would take pressure off every team and give them a little breathing room in this economy. I don't have any specific ideas, but, hey, that's what he's for.

I would like to see some very detailed minimum standards for how players are treated as well. Let's face it, Fort Wayne treats their players very differently than some cities, and by that I'm talking about having mandatory trainers, equipment purchasing, bus standards, when overnight stays should be mandatory, etc. There's also a difference in the way some teams treat the road teams which is ridiculous. In general, no pun intended, there's really no reason there should be such a large discrepancy with the way some teams treat their players. In the past, some teams have tried to barely scrape by, and that's a little thing, but it makes the whole league look poor. I believe the league has those kind of minimum standards in place, but maybe they need to be expanded and strictly enforced.

I'd also like to see league minimum standards enforced somehow, things like hiring PR directors, lighting standards and sound standards in the arenas, etc. One idea I heard a few years ago that could be interesting was that season-ticket holders for every team could possibly get a discount on tickets at road games. Maybe that would encourage more fans to travel. And why not? Those are the people who are already paying for the league anyway, and it might lead to more money for home teams they would not normally receive. Who knows?

How about league-encouraged tailgating parties for the playoffs?

I also think he'll push for something more to do with youth hockey. I don't know what, but I think that is an area he's very interested in.

No, dollar beer nights will never happen as long as the Komets are tenants in the building, so don't waste your typing on that one. Besides, the teams that control their buildings make a lot of money off that and they are unlikely to give it up. I really doubt it would make them any more money.

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Wed, 09/09/2009 - 8:58pm

wendy, say hi to big fern for me! probably wont make the fair this year.