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Tailing the Komets

Make room for more

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Tue, 05/18/2010 - 11:07am

Blake I don't see it with Huckalo or Bertram.
I see these two guys as very very good players but not hall of famers. If I can use a baseball analogy they are like Don Mattingly and Al Oliver. Players who will always be remembered as good players with some good numbers but that step short of a hall of famer.
Interested to know your opinion on Shaf. I know he wasnt around for the playoff run this year but thinking back to the 1990's and over the last few years I think he is at least worthy of discussion even though I think he falls short as well.

Tue, 05/18/2010 - 1:26pm

Guy, Chaulker, Coach -- No Question.

Hukalo and Bertram -- Hall of Fame, No Number

PC, Hall of Fame, not sure if number should be retired.

Bouch, Need to wait a couple more years before we talk about retiring the number

Hit Somebody!!!
Tue, 05/18/2010 - 5:13pm

I have commented on this in another thread all ready and made several points as to who should and shouldn't get in. Some of the guys you listed are in the conversation because they are "good" players, not great, and just happened to be on great teams.

Guys that are locks in my book to be in the rafters:

Chaulk, Guy, Big Al, and Boucher.

Hukalo, Bertram and PC Buddy are good players, but are not to the level of accomplishments that The 4 that I put in the rafters.

Bert is a "good" defenseman, who has had very bad stretches of seasons for one reason or another, we don't need to dwell on why, but he has been a "good" player on a great team who has an important job in this community and also plays hockey. He just isn't near the caliber of Chaulk and Guy as players. You let Bert in the rafters, then I will question why not Troy Neimeier, Why not Kevin Schmidt, Why not Kelly Perrault, who all were better players than Bert, but just weren't lucky enough to have been here the last 3 years? Those 3 should have become firemen and stayed on the team too, because they would be locks.

PC? hmmmm. I say no. Good player, I guess my main problem with him is that he has huge talent, huge body, and admittedly doesn't put out huge effort all the time. He did in the playoffs, I will give him that. But is that worthy of retired number? He really should dominate this league...shouldn't he? Look at the numbers that Bouchard, Robinson, Dipace, Lardner, Kinnie, Parsons, etc. put up in this league compared to PC. I just don't think he is at that level overall. Not a knock against him, we are talking about comparing him to the great Komets of all time guys. Is he a better player than Robin Bawa? Is he better than Ian Boyce was here? Is he on the same level as Colin Chin or Colin Chaulk? I am just throwing out names that we all can relate to. Heck, is he better than what Kelli Corpse was when that guy played with all effort every night every shift, and for a whole playoff season with a torn ACL?

Huk really had 1 incredible season and playoff run. Otherwise, the guy has been broken the whole time he has been here. Good defensive forward. Best all time? As good as the greatest players in Franchise history? NO.

There is my 2 cents.

Tue, 05/18/2010 - 8:49pm

In: Chaulk, Dupuis, Sims...

Bubble: Boucher...

Boucher has been money in the postseason, one of those guys who steps up his game and finds that extra gear; but he has been a good goalie on a great defensive team during regular season play and has missed alot of time during those regular season's with a multitude of injuries. For this reason he has always been the Co#1 goalie while in the Fort... I am not trying to take anything away from Boucher or his accomplishments as a Komet, its just my opinion that if he gets in it will be for his postseason accolades more than anything...

All the others mentioned...good supporting cast players, guys you cant win championships without; but not rafter worthy, IMO