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Opening Arguments


I know all of you must be just like me, can't get enough of the Katie Stam story. Some people are now saying the new Miss America is not just another pretty face:

The controversy: Does she or does she not have man hands? Here are some of the comments from the site, then go take a look and judge for yourself.

The link is to a story by one of the Indianapolis TV stations and includes commenters obsessed with her hands. "Either she is the tiniest person on earth with normal sized hands, or her hands/fingers are huge" was one of the politest ones. I take no position -- judge for yourself. Considering what they say about men with big hands, I wonder if . . . oh, never mind; let's not go there.


tim zank
Mon, 02/02/2009 - 12:03pm

I don't care if her hands are big, I'd be a lot more concerned if she had an Adams apple.