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Tailing the Komets

On Mario

One of the things Mario and I talked about last week was how I wondered if he'd get a call-up to the AHL because he certainly deserves one.

The gist of the conversation was he'd consider it, but it would have to be the right deal in every way. He's having a lot of fun here and loves his teammates, the money would more than likely be the same, he would likely not be going to a winning team and he'd go from being a major player who's on the ice for 30 minutes a game to a bit part playing 10 per game.

The other thing is he's not a rookie who's never done it before and doesn't know how it all works. He played in Bridgeport a few games last year when Pat Bingham was the assistant coach there, but elected to return to Danbury. He's not some kid who is niave and who doesn't understand the politics of a possible situation.

Never say never, but that's how he's thinking at this time. He has a very mature attitude about it and really likes the situation he has here now.

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Sun, 11/19/2006 - 10:30am

Let's hope we never see a call up this year! I know that is a little selfish, but I like our team and don't want it taken a part just so the guys can be warmers on an AHL bench, like the Hogs players.

Sun, 11/19/2006 - 11:40am

If Mario is happy being here....why would he want to live out of his suitcase for what...a weekend on the road and possibly get little, if any ice time.

Not to mention the possibility of getting injured for a team that would send him back down after the weekend is over anyway.

I think that Mario is taking the high road regarding a possible callup situation. To me that shows he is being very mature about this and is thinking of his teammates before himself.

Sun, 11/19/2006 - 11:55am

As a Komet fan, it feels pretty good to hear Larocque say that. Afterall, who doubts that he isn't good enough to move up a league? Just about every game I watch at some point I always wonder what he is doing in the UHL. I really enjoy him playing for Fort Wayne, but this guy really deserves time in the A if he wants to take it.

Sun, 11/19/2006 - 11:58am

We'd definitely love for him to stay here and do great things for our team but don't let an opportunity slip away like that if it comes up. I mean even if he gets sent back down at least he can say he was good enough to get called up. No real loss there because if he gets sent back down at least its to a team he enjoys.

Hit Somebody!!!
Sun, 11/19/2006 - 12:02pm

I love this team. Great bunch of guys. Fun to watch. Hope they all stay here. Wouldn't put my entertainment dollars anywhere else. I will always support them. Sorry about making comments about wanting players to stand-up for one another. I won't mention it again. I support these guys no matter what. I will still yell scoops as loud as I can.

I apologize for the cardboard cutout of "Nothing At All" too. It was only in fun. I realize now that fun isn't what it is all about.

Sun, 11/19/2006 - 1:06pm

Blake closed down the other thread too quickly, I had some comments to make. but for fear that it will start agin and shut this one down, i won't make them.

Great weekend for the K's.

I wonder how Morency will fit back into the line up with the "third" line going great guns.

Frankes have a tough decision in deciding who to nominate for player of the week, Gascon the rookie for his hat trick or Labarre for his. I hope thse are the type of decisions that the Frankes have to make all year.

I would never want a player too feel that he can move up and certainly if Mario had the chance to make a move I think he should, regardsless of what could happen. A player risks an injury everytime he steps onto the ice. But for right now I'm glad he's here.

Sun, 11/19/2006 - 2:20pm

Hit, don't apologize for the cutout. It was all done in fun and the fans loved it. You gotta do something funny every once in a while. I'm not worried about Pascal coming back to the 3rd line. They'll gell just like they did before he got hurt. Great group of guys. I absolutely love this team!!! Keep up the good job guys.

Sun, 11/19/2006 - 4:09pm

I agree that the line of Labarre, Gascon, and Morency has chemistry. But I think so does the line of Labarre, Gascon, and Hukalo. So the real question is, do you break up this line now that they are red hot in order to fit Morency back in, or do you try Morency somewhere else? I think Morency is great, one of my favorite players on this team, but I hate to see things that are working so well right now just break up. I guess it's Bingham's call.

Sun, 11/19/2006 - 4:20pm

Would this callup be with Hersey or could it be with anyone?

Sun, 11/19/2006 - 5:12pm

Hey Blake, I thought you'd like this. I had no idea Brian Gatz was over in Toledo.


Just basically shows him being an emergency backup, but got deleted.

Drop The Gloves!!!!!!
Sun, 11/19/2006 - 5:40pm

When asked to cite some of the highlights of his career, Rapoza said:

Mon, 11/20/2006 - 6:43am

I know that many of you have already seen this, but because we play Rockford on the 25th and the 2nd I thought it a good time to remind folks about the documentary "Road Hogs" (available for $19.95 at http://www.roadhogsthemovie.com/Main.html). The movie is entertaining and worth seeing for its interviews with our very own JC Ruid (along with several others).

Mon, 11/20/2006 - 7:30am

First off, I dont have a working computer at home so I have to post entries at work, so with that being said I would like to say that I was impressed with Kiyaga's play this weekend. His positioning was good and he was really good with his stick to move the play along. I think the whole team played well and erased the bad performance at Rockford... Elmira is gonna be one of those teams that if you get up on them early they are going to implode; but could be a tough team to come back against. Chicago is gonna be a team that is in big trouble if they dont find some offense quick... They can become a great defensive team; but they just cant score. It is not surprising to me that the d-men are hitting less these days because a few weeks back one of Binghams areas he wanted to work on was the d-men getting out of position to make a check. I think the big difference between our teams tough players and other teams is that our guys are veterans and are gonna pick thier spots to drop em and not just go at the drop of a dime... I love the way Hansen is playing this year... I dont remember him playing quite this style with Motor City; but its nice to have a d-man that isnt gonna let much go by while he is on the ice... Just a few comments, hopefully I didnt ramble too much...

Wow, I even forgot to put on my orange and black tinted glasses...he he

Tony E
Mon, 11/20/2006 - 9:06am

JR great to see you posting again. I thought maybe I drove you crazy and you just gave up lol.
Many good points. On Hansen, I saw him play quite a bit with Motor City and he was probably the most steady player night in and night out. I think with the Komets because there is more talent around him he is able to play a bit more "free" .

Mon, 11/20/2006 - 10:59am

Congrats to Martin Gascon on winning player of the week. I was kind of wondering (as you probably saw in an earlier posting) on who the Frankes would nominate. I guess we know now.