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Tailing the Komets

More bad news

Cescon got a concussion at the end of his fight last night.

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Sat, 12/11/2010 - 1:13pm

Just what we need!

Sat, 12/11/2010 - 2:11pm

He was the one physical d-man that we had.

Sat, 12/11/2010 - 2:12pm

If the Komets had a real enforcer, guys wouldn't have to take these beatings. Schrock fighting at the end of the game shouldn't be happening either.

Sat, 12/11/2010 - 2:46pm

You lose 5-1. Just get on the bus and get outta town! Whew at least this is not Kansas anymore Dorothy.

Sat, 12/11/2010 - 3:16pm

I said we need a "GOON"
I guess if we fight more, we still lose,but at least we fight more : )

Hit Somebody!!!
Sat, 12/11/2010 - 4:30pm

The problem is that we had Rechlicz.....he wasn't given the opportunity to do anything here other than ride the bench each game and maybe get one shift. But we had to keep Legault. And Legault is not the answer in the physical department obviously.

Schrock is willing to do whatever it takes guys and gals. He is the definition of Komet Hockey IMO. This kid gives it his all every night every shift and never stops grinding and fears nothing out there.

We have a team that only half of the guys seem to give a crap right now.

Someone needs to get to the root of the problem and fix it. Is it Attitude?
Is it Effort?
Is it a Cancer in the dressing room?
Is it a couple of pouting players?

Whatever it is, this is the time to send someone or about 3-5 someone's packing.

It can't get worse than this. We are in last....what 10 points out of the playoffs....and nothing is getting better.

Our best 2 Defensive Defensemen are hurt (Cescon and Delisle) and another good solid defender out in Danko. The Defense wasn't really the problem before.....but it will be now for sure.....and we have some forwards who have given up on this team and won't skate back to helpout on Defense.

This is really really bad.

Time to make some moves. There are some guys out there that would love an opportunity to come and play hard every shift....maybe not the talent of a PC or a Curadeau, but I think we are seeing that desire and attitude is much more important right now than talent.

I will always be a Komet fan no matter what. I will cheer this team even though they are struggling right now.

Attitudes, no effort, and no heart just always frustrates me....

The Casual Fan will not support that kind of garbage.

And the Frankes only care about those fans, right?

Sat, 12/11/2010 - 4:38pm

they don't care about season ticket holders, they got their G money/ GET READY FOR THE SNOW :)

Sat, 12/11/2010 - 5:20pm

Might be bad for the komets season if we won tonight... I know I know. That is blasphemy. But listen, if we win, it very well could cause hesitation on management to bring in whatever new recruits they could possible find. Thus losing a player or 2. Time to strike at roster changes in NOW in my opinion.. Actually we may be a bit late.. So any further delays could in fact hurt us...

I hope the Komets find a way to turn it around, but common sense tells me it is likely too late because of many different factors.. (Lack of players available...management hesitation...Player issues... Coaching issues.. locker room..)

Sat, 12/11/2010 - 5:40pm

Should cause no hesitation, the beds have been made, Frankes have 2 options 1.) make the changes needed or 2.) continue as is...simple as that......They didn't get to where they are from being bad owners and buisness men, but WOW i cant believe they've let it go this long. Wait till Christmas? Who is going to want to spend their earned and hard to come by "entertainment" dollars on going and watching a 5-11-1 hockey team? When it hits the wallet, they start thinking. Hope its soon, cause I love hockey, and I love Komets hockey, But i can't and won't stomach what they are putting on the ice anymore this season. Time is Now

Sat, 12/11/2010 - 6:14pm

For two adults to attend a game and sit in lower arena, the cost is $21 + $21 + $4 parking = $46 dollars to watch a last place team. Notice there are no snacks or refreshments included in the price. I don't expect our team to win every game, but our record so far is dismal with no light at the end of the tunnel yet. If we were even competitive the games would be fun to watch. Sadly, that is not the case. Some players look like it is a "Couples Skate" at the park, and they have lost their gal. Come on guys, let's turn this train wreck around.

Hit Somebody!!!
Sat, 12/11/2010 - 6:24pm

Don't go questioning character, heart, guts, effort, etc. over on Cohn's blog, there are guys over there that think that these guys are showing heart and effort and no one should ever question that.

Joke of the day I guess?

Sat, 12/11/2010 - 6:35pm

We make hockey fun.

Sat, 12/11/2010 - 6:39pm

With the playoff system in place this season, there is still light at the end of the tunnel. I believe this.

IF the K's brass can make the right moves in the next week or two and the K's go on a lil run, then they could sneak into the playoffs. Once there, anything can happen; but if they continue to show faith in players who arent getting the job done, then I will just have to grit my teeth thru the next few months of Komet hockey...

Sat, 12/11/2010 - 6:41pm

JM, if they dont make some changes soon, then the only names that will be able to make Komet hockey fun the rest of this season will be, Miller, Bud, Jack, Jim, Jose..........

Sat, 12/11/2010 - 6:50pm

Well, the Komets worst season for total wins was thier first season (1952/53). 60 games played with a 20-38-2 record for 42 points (.350 winning %)... If the K's dont make big improvements, can they get to 20 wins?

Sat, 12/11/2010 - 7:04pm

Atleast were in first for attendance 62,459....

For now!

Sat, 12/11/2010 - 8:19pm

Legs just got pounded

Sat, 12/11/2010 - 8:25pm

Yes legs got rocked a good one.

Sat, 12/11/2010 - 8:31pm

Leo scored...1-1

Sat, 12/11/2010 - 8:39pm

2-1 mavs

Sat, 12/11/2010 - 9:06pm

18 shots on goal for Missouri. 9 Komets penalties and behind 3-1 after first period. DON'T THEY GET IT? What the crap is going on? Unbelievable!!!

Hit Somebody!!!
Sat, 12/11/2010 - 9:48pm

Sorry about this....

But the ref is making this thing difficult on the Komets.

Bad calls tonight. Schrock got cheapshotted in front of the ref by Carlysle and no call.

Lots of bad calls.

Sat, 12/11/2010 - 9:55pm

Is the CHLTV still working, mine quit.

Sat, 12/11/2010 - 10:00pm

mine quit WAT UP WIT DAT?!

Hit Somebody!!!
Sat, 12/11/2010 - 10:07pm

mine is still working.

Sat, 12/11/2010 - 10:11pm

I just chatted with support, and they are refunding the cost. Guess I just listen now.

Sat, 12/11/2010 - 10:12pm

It just came back up.

Hit Somebody!!!
Sat, 12/11/2010 - 10:17pm

Schrock just got another cheapshot from behind.....no penalty?

This is BS.

Sat, 12/11/2010 - 10:51pm

Another game....another loss.

Sat, 12/11/2010 - 10:53pm

mine went out again