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Tailing the Komets

Never seen this before

In 21 years watching the Komets, I've never seen them be this snakebit getting goals. I've seen some lousy teams, but this shouldn't be one. I watched the game tonight and they looked tired, slow and like they were lacking confidence. They were out-shot 41-23 and in the third period when they trailed by one goal, they only got four shots on goal. Again, the goaltending and defense was fine, but they look lost in the opposing zone. They basically got beat tonight by Missouri's third line which scored both the goals, but no one on the top two lines is doing anything, either.

The Komets may have to make some roster moves just to shake things up. In other words, make a move just to make a move to see what happens. This is nuts.

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A True Hockey Fan. aka naif
Sat, 11/13/2010 - 10:57pm

Guess I am full of crap. I said no points this weekend and they got 0 points. They need to make a least 5 roster changes to turn things around. But is there any more CHL talent to get. We will see.

Hit Somebody!!!
Sat, 11/13/2010 - 10:57pm

Stop being a Negative Nellie Super Fan!!!

Sat, 11/13/2010 - 11:12pm

But it's not Christmas yet!

Sat, 11/13/2010 - 11:20pm

oh why is everyone so down? so early in the season.. just wait it out.... Komets always do this and by Christmas time we will be putting together win streaks....

BUT... by christmas time we may be out of a playoff spot at this rate.. You know.. that playoff spot we all joked about in the begining of the year.. saying "gee... wouldn't it suck to be THAT team to miss the playoffs.."

I think the Frankes will shake it up some now. Little nervous about who gets the axe though.. I do have faith in the Frankes, so hopefully they can work some magic again.

Sat, 11/13/2010 - 11:21pm

Naif, you said you werent gonna gloat!!!

Just wait patiently to receive your award from Burgee as blog know it all of the week.... That is, if Burgee shows up.... He may be trying to get the 5 pouint he guaranteed back out of the bank....lol :)

Next time Burgee, dont take the points to the bank, send them with the Komets....

Sat, 11/13/2010 - 11:24pm

Gloat it up, NAIF! You've earned it

Sat, 11/13/2010 - 11:25pm

Komets123, I agree. Its just unfortunate that with a locker room that has a good amount of talent in there that one or two are gonna have to go to give a wake up call to the rest. My only question is, who are we going to find that will be willing to trade with us and give us that playmaker the K's seem to need? Maybe one of the south division teams that we dont play?

Will be an interesting week. We'll see what kind of damage control K's management comes up with...

Hit Somebody!!!
Sat, 11/13/2010 - 11:35pm

Bertram is blogging it up over on Cohn's site......at least it appears.

Sat, 11/13/2010 - 11:39pm

I doubt it's Bert, most likely just some tool

Sat, 11/13/2010 - 11:39pm

Well, then again...

Hit Somebody!!!
Sat, 11/13/2010 - 11:47pm

Maybe it Schebig??? LOL

It is Bert. he just called me and told me it is him, he gave me Colin's number to beg him to come back...LOL

Sun, 11/14/2010 - 12:07am

Maybe it's Cohn trying to get hits for his blog lol

Sun, 11/14/2010 - 12:08am

Well I was right in that Friday's game was the one they came CLOSEST to winning. Does that count? :D

Hit Somebody!!!
Sun, 11/14/2010 - 12:15am

It is not Cohn.

Cohn hasn't responded to any of my posts for about 6 months.

This is Bert.

Sun, 11/14/2010 - 12:15am

If playing horseshoes or hand grenades....maybe.

Hit Somebody!!!
Sun, 11/14/2010 - 12:16am

Isn't Farts 3rd in that sequence?

Sun, 11/14/2010 - 12:27am

If it's not, we can add it

Sun, 11/14/2010 - 12:28am

How come some posts only come after wins???

Hit Somebody!!!
Sun, 11/14/2010 - 12:28am

GM, do you blog at FYC....if yes, what name do you use?

Hit Somebody!!!
Sun, 11/14/2010 - 12:29am

Like Burgees?

Sun, 11/14/2010 - 12:36am

I can't wait for our next win when certain people will be back claiming "See! I told you so!" because they won one finally

Hit Somebody!!!
Sun, 11/14/2010 - 12:49am


Who am I leaving out?

Sun, 11/14/2010 - 9:28am

Burgee's building up his next "prediction", probably something do w/ W's and negative Nellie's. OR, he keeps true to form and jumps on the Colorado Eagles bandwagon.

Sun, 11/14/2010 - 10:50am

Hey! I was going to wear my Eagles jersey next week, but being mistaken for Burgee isn't on my list of things to do... then again a commoner like me would never make it at suite level.

Sun, 11/14/2010 - 11:28am

Have been told by fans that this team starts slow but the two games i went to the offense just wasnt there. Goalies check defense check offense well was just at glenbrook mall somewhere. What bothers me is that these guys have played the game enough to know that going to the net and getting shots from close range and looking for rebounds is pretty much basic stuff in this game. So why after playing 9 games are they not doing the BASIC things you need to do? One would think that would be a point that gets addresed in practice. Correct?

Sun, 11/14/2010 - 11:39am

No you wouldn't, but maybe you and I can camp out outside the entry way to the suites before they shoo us away for dirtying up the place.

Sun, 11/14/2010 - 1:58pm

Can I join you guys? We could sit in front of the entrance and beg for money

Sun, 11/14/2010 - 3:45pm

Maybe with a new D-man and danko coming back soon, Warner can finally get the boot. Lets don't forget while the K's are struggling and obviously some tweaks will be forthcoming, the K's have played 6 of their first 9 games on the road. While a team comes together probably more on the road, 2 of the K's road trips have already been clear out to Arizona for 2 games and a 3 day 3 game trip that just ended. Yes it would be nice to have a better record and be able to score more goals. But the Komets have 33 home games left and 24 road games left. And 5 of the next 6 are on the road. Those home games are against Arizona, Dayton, 2 against Quad City and then Bloomington. All winnable games. The 1 road game during that time is against Evansville which if they can pull it together can win that game also. I am not betting on a 6 game win streak, but win 4 or 5 of those games and get some goals the confidence should start to grow. This team shouldn't be a bottom feeder in this league and I don't think they will be. Come on Komets lets get it together. The opportunity is there to right the ship here the next few weeks. If it doesn't happen then I am not sure it will happen at all this year.

Sun, 11/14/2010 - 5:25pm

It's not the end of the world. Komets fans are just getting a taste of what it felt like to be Bloomington the last 5 years. And Bloomington felt like this a lot longer than 9 games each year.

Sun, 11/14/2010 - 5:32pm

KK, why do you say the road trip clear out to Arizona for 2 games like it were a bad thing? Good grief -- we got 3 points out of that road trip. I'll take 3 points in 2 games any day. Not sure what is going to happen with the "changes" being predicted for next week, but you can bet some lives will change.