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Opening Arguments

No sex, please, this is New Haven

Why, you silly, ignorant lummox. This is not a porno palace, not in New Haven, Ind. This is an institution dedicated to saving failing marriages:

"80 percent of American families have some sort of adult novelty, I've seen many marriages saved by having adult novelties of some sort," said the owner of Cupid's Castle.

[. . .]

"They're thinking prostitution and modeling lingerie for you, and it's going to be nothing like that, I mean this store is geared towards couples in their relationship and their home life," said Cupid's owner.

I think if I were trying to sell the "not porno" angle, I might use the term "marital aids" rather than "adult novelties," but, hey, that's just me. Well, it isn't, actually. There are even Web sites dedicated to Marital Aids for Christian Couples. Oops, should have Googled this first. Here's an article on "Preaching to the Choir: Christian Sex Toy retailing."

. . . sexuality can be a healthy part of life (providing that life is being lived by heterosexual, church going, married people).

At first these ideas may seem incongruous. Christianity isn't exactly known as a bastion of sex positivity. But in practice, these sites are offering products and services in a way that makes them accessible to groups who might otherwise not explore their sexuality as openly or actively, and that seems like a good thing.

I dunno. I think I'm with Woody Allen on this one. Sex is dirty only if you're doing it right.


Michael B-P
Thu, 05/07/2009 - 9:23pm

Allen later revised his "sex is dirty" comment to its converse after his involvement with Soon-Yi.