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Tailing the Komets

Not a great night

The Komets have scored three goals in their last four home losses and are 3-5-1 at Memorial Coliseum over their last nine games. They have scored 26 goals during those games, but 16 have come on the power play. If they don't score on the power play, they are not scoring.

I'll agree with Justin on this one, they really need a power forward. The two goaltenders this weekend left more rebounds than Shaq at the free throw line, but the Komets weren't able to get to them. The problem is that the second-hardest thing to find in minor league hockey next to an offensive defenseman is a power forward. Think there's any chance of talking Nick Bootland out of retirement?

Who'd have ever thought there would be concern over the Komets' forwards this season? Thank goodness for Leo Thomas who is saving the Komets right now.

Despite their home struggles, the Komets have won five of their last seven games, and are doing an exceptional job on the penalty kill.

Colin Chaulk said he was in so much pain Saturday night after taking a shot off his right ankle in the third period that he had to crawl into his house. He could barely push the brake and the gas on the way home. He iced the foot about two hours before gametime and then tried to skate on it a little bit before taking part in the first half of the warmups. He just couldn't push off on his right foot so he worked behind the bench for the second half of the game. He thinks he'll be ready to go Friday.

The Frankes offered free tickets to the 359 folks who are staying at the coliseum this weekend because of hte loss of power to their homes... WOWO was knocked off the air during the second period Sunday night and was not able to resume the broadcast... Sunday's crowd was announced at 6,497, and there might have been 4,500 people there. That's simply amazing considering the conditions outside.  It's too bad the team's overall effort wasn't a little better to warm things up.

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Sun, 12/21/2008 - 11:19pm

Varone and Osman are not producing at all. The K's are no where close to the talent and physical hockey club they were last year. Reynolds, Woods, Hanson, Henley are all missed ecspecially on the Blueline. Boulay, Holladay, and Mironvic are just average players that have no phyiscal style of play. We have nobody who is willing to get dirty infront of the net, perhaps Gravell because he is the only one hitting anything. We don't match up very well against Muskegon or Port Huron in any departement and we were lucky last night we got 4 powerplay goals. The signing of Leo has proven to be a great pick up with his play of late and it is ironic to see him on a line with Huck. These two usually were paired against each other. It may be time to start looking at the waiver wire. I think this club misses Macmillian because he will at least try to stir things up something Legault has not done. Tonight's game may have been one of the most boring games of the year! The play of the K's for the first part of this year is a B- to C+ at best.

Mon, 12/22/2008 - 11:30am

There are several Komets who are playing hurt. Chaulk could hardly walk let alone skate. They are a pretty tough group who really never complain. The "goon" (I will not dignify him as a hockey player by using his name) from Muskegon actually paid a high compliment to Bertram while setting in the penalty box Saturday night. It wasn't much of a fight but more of a test of strength. There is no doubt who was the strongest. On top of that "Birdy" can skate.

Paul D
Mon, 12/22/2008 - 12:24pm

Is there any word on when we are going to get a ECHL or AHL hockey team in here?

Mon, 12/22/2008 - 2:23pm

Probably when you put the money up for one Paul. I doubt anyone would be stupid enough to throw money away like that.

Mon, 12/22/2008 - 2:56pm

Thanks Blake! :) A handful of people lately have gotten it into their heads that the AHL and ECHL are the only leagues worth watching. It's just so refreshing to read a comment from someone who knows why the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence -- It's all the fertilizer.

Paul D
Mon, 12/22/2008 - 3:38pm

I am not dissing the K's. I guess a 6 team league that has strong owners and and geo stabilitly is cool. I would just like to see better NHL talent. If we did have a team at that level I would def fork up the money to go watch them play. It is bad enough paying the money I do now for a six team league. Must be good to be a Franke these days.

Mon, 12/22/2008 - 6:15pm

Playing hurt and playing injured are two different things. Everyone has some sort of bump or bruise at this point. And yes Bert is playing with sore legs from having slap shots hit off of them. That alone should not stop you from playing with a phyiscal nature, but we just are not that type of team and the lack of it shows greatly. We sorely miss the likes of Woods who would get the dirty goals because he parked himself in front of the net took a beating and scored! On top of that he would fight anyone and everyone because he agiated the majority of this league last year. We don't have that component this year. We sorely miss the likes of Kevin Hanson who not only block shots but when someone took liberties with our goalie he take a stand. We miss Henely because if anyone thought of pulling some type of crap like Doyle pulled the other night Henley was a great deterient. Holladay, Boulay, Mironvic are good players but they are the same type of player and when the k's lost Beckett the K's never address that loss. We need to address those issues because right now we are a 3rd to 4th place team

Mon, 12/22/2008 - 7:25pm

Where has Osman disappeared to? He started off the year on fire and came back from his injury on fire only to disappear lately! Must be getting paid too much money to care anymore! Maybe he will follow Beckett to europe!!
Leo Thomas continues to impress me big time-How did that guy ever get let go?