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Tailing the Komets

This is not Schebig's bus trip

Because if it were, he'd be in lots of trouble.

Saturday, Jan. 8 at Dayton. Bus leaves Komet Kuarters at 2 p.m. and will stop for dinner on the way Price of $27 includes ticket into the game. If 55 people fail to sign up, the money will be refunded. Anyone with any questions can call 471-3227 during the day or 749-2022 on weekends and evenings. I'm pretty sure no alcohol is allowed on the bus because i

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Mon, 12/20/2010 - 7:22pm

Then why is Schebig's phone numbers the ones listed? I'm confused... :)

Mon, 12/20/2010 - 7:32pm

what if you sneak some alcohol on the bus?

Hockey Fan for Life
Mon, 12/20/2010 - 10:00pm

$27 for a 2.5 hr trip to watch them lose. No thanks. If they were a good team it would be a good price.

Mon, 12/20/2010 - 10:17pm

Yep, you're a real fan arentcha?

Mon, 12/20/2010 - 10:45pm

++ GM

Tue, 12/21/2010 - 1:03am

I saw these great little ornaments at Nisco the other night with Santa dressed as a policeman. Reminded me of Schebig. :)

No-Touch Icing
Tue, 12/21/2010 - 9:11am

Isn't Hara real close to having the roof cave in, or did I read that they spent some money on it?

Tue, 12/21/2010 - 6:49pm

No touch the rook caved in on the Komets. Hockey fan for life what a spoil sport. Its the trip with real hockey fans that is the fun. Duh.