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Tailing the Komets

Notes on Game 6

Bob Chase spent half the night driving around Escanaba, Michigan, trying to keep WOWO's signal going. In fact, the police got interested and followed them for a bit. Think Chaser could talk his way out of a ticket? LOL... How long will it take for Jake Pence to heal the bruise from that blocked shot? What a way to redeem yourself. Everyone in the stadium cringed... Justin Hodgman earned eight power plays for the Komets during the series... Kalamazoo had no short-handed goals in the series, and the one the Komets got decided things... David Hukalo was the MVP of this series. Everytime there was a scrum, he came out with the puck... Kalamazoo scored first in four of this six games... Joel Martin had a .936 save percentage and was 1-3... Because Nick Boucher had a .942 save percentage... The difference? The Komets had 49 more shots... Glenn Detulleo and Anthony Battaglia, one assist each in six games... Now all the Komets centers are switching gloves at the mid-way point of periods... In a reversal from the regular season, the Komets scored on 26 percent of their power-play chances compared to 15 percent for the Wings... Never did hear an explanation for why the clock stopped for about 60 seconds at 6:58 of the first period. That was the game right there... Would you prefer a ref who calls everything or mostly nothing? Scott Hoberg or Ryan Carroll?... I'd love to know what Colin Chaulk's faceoff percentage was for the series... Kalamazoo Gazette beat reporter Pam Shebest is retiring in September after covering the team for 24 years... Public address announcer Larry Schmitt has bet the Komets he'll shave his head if they win the Turner Cup again. That would still leave Larry's body 93 percent covered by hair. We'll have to come up with a theme song of our own for that... Everybody sack out and take a nap today, I'm sure we all need one.

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Sun, 04/26/2009 - 7:29am

The clock was an off ice official error, they seem to have a problem with pushing the button(s) in the right direction.

I'll take "let the cheap shots fly carroll" over "scott I need to call 6 penalties a period Blowmywhistlealotberg."

For arguements sake I will take someone in between.

More hockey = less yardwork, let's take it in 7.

Sun, 04/26/2009 - 9:29am

Ryan Carroll. I pay to see the kids play not watch an official raise his hand. No flow to the games.

Hit Somebody!!!
Sun, 04/26/2009 - 10:59am

My official response to the officiating is this.....How do you call 2 holding the stick penalties in Game 6 of the playoffs after you let guys leave the ice with cuts and bruises with not a call.......

The officiating in this league is definitely not consistant. How can any player know from night to night or second to second what a penalty is or isn't?

Sun, 04/26/2009 - 8:04pm

HS, I was thinking the same thing....me as a fan sitting in the stands last night in Kzoo, i told my wife, i have no idea what a penalty is...Varone gets pushed down in front of the net with the puck no wear close to him and Hoberg just shakes his head no...who knows what a penalty is...

Sun, 04/26/2009 - 9:46pm

On some level, hockey games always seem like a non-stop penalty-fest to me, and from time to time, something gets called. What else am I too think if people have their sticks in people's faces all over the place, but once in a while, someone gets sent to the penalty box for it. So I guess I'm as confused as the players. But I've seen both extremes, one immediately following the other in fact, and I'll take the no-call ref any day. The last thing I want to see is a zebra who makes a call and then spends 15 minutes explaining it to both benches. :P