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Tailing the Komets

Notes from the press conference

Olivier Legault is in the house. Lake Erie told him they'd be calling  him up sometime during the season. Mathieu Curadeu has been released by Norfolk and he'll be here Friday. Dominic Osman has been released by Worcester and will be here tomorrow. A couple of new names on the roster are forward Kevin Matheson, 6-1, 190, who is a rookie, and defenseman Jay Holladay was comes to the Komets after getting released by Norfolk. He played 58 games last year with New Mexico in the CHL. He's still a rookie by IHL standards.

I'm telling you there are going to be four or maybe even five defensemen who will get cut from this team who might end up playing somewhere else in the IHL. It's amazing how deep they are on the blueline.

"We probably have the strongest group of defensemen that we've ever had because we've got some young kids who should be able to play at this level," Komets coach Al Sims said. "There are going to be some tough decisions."

Brandon Warner has a pretty serious case of poison ivy and probably won't play for a few days. He's got a new nickname "Scratch."

"It stinks not being able to be out there that first day," Warner said. "I don't think I'd be doing myself a favor by being out there anyway. I wouldn't feel like skating, I'd feel like standing still. "Warner got a shot today to try to help ease his situation. He was building a deerstand in the woods on Friday when he caught the poison ivy. He said he can't sleep and it hurts to walk. The crazy thing was everyone was slapping him on the back at the press conference.

Sims said his first cuts will likely be Thursday morning after Wednesday night's exhibition game against Bloomington.

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