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Opening Arguments

Nudging fathers

A Fort Wayne coalition is going get some of the $575,000 in federal grants aimed at "fostering stronger connections between families and their fathers." I was struck by this:

"All of the applicants, including this new coalition in Fort Wayne, proposed engaging and practical strategies for helping dads become more involved with their children."

Can dads really be "helped along" in becoming more involved with their children? Given the problems caused today by irresponsible fathers, not to mention mothers, it would be nice if a few federal dollars and concerned local coalitions could make it all better. May I be permitted my doubts?

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Bob G.
Thu, 02/01/2007 - 5:52am

Better to take that grant and dump it into the FWCS "financial abyss" we're staring at...at least the SCHOOLS have more input with some of these kids than their father (whoever he might be) would EVER have.


Mon, 02/05/2007 - 4:57pm

If fathers could earn enough to support their children at a good 9-5 corporate job, that pays enough to support a family at a decent standard of living, with wages, benefits, and perks, nobody would need poverty grants.
2200 jobs left fort wayne last year. thats 2200 breadwinners out of work, due to blobal trade treaties that downsize, outsource, pirvatize, and off-shore these high paying American jobs.
thats 2200 families left without gainful, employment, due to corporate greed.
working at southtown mall wal-mart for a fraction of what they were making before.
sure- blame dad. the family patriarch because of circumstances beyond his control.
its all his fault that the government is spending trillions of his hard earned money at a sub-par job to support a war for oil, and corporate greed.
the best cure for welfare is a good paying job. so where did they all go?
sure- blame the working man for the ills of society.

ignore the veiled racism- implying these deadbeat dads are your steroe typical unemployed, shiftless ghetto dweller, with 7 kids with 7 mothers- and the welfare women who suck all the tax and welfare money out of the rich white suburbs to support their crack dealing gangster thugs living in the projects, drinking 40 oz, smoking crack, beating their kids, and knocking up the neighbor girls whilke their "hoe's peddle their bodies to supprot their wife beating spouses.

blame the poor man, because he's been cut off from the American dream. And with what affordable health insurance? and what affordable education to "bootstrap himself out, and with what job- working 3, with no time to go to school, let alone study.
A receding tide will sink all ships.

America, and especially fort wayne is over run with an I got mine mentality- and step on your brothers hand, so he cant rise up behind you. keep the poor down, while spend- spend- spend.
A classic 2 class society- the haves in aboite, and the have nots in wayne. the lily white rich, and the poor white, black, hispanic, asian.

blame the illegal immigrant. blame the middle easterner. dont blame the gop, or the rich, or risk being called a socialist.
Jesus was a socialist. socialist nations like sweden, finland, norway, scandanavia all enjoy a quite high standard of living.
blame the "hoodlums, thugs, andf gangsters, on mtv and the rap culture. blame everyone except wehere it truly belongs- in all of our own hearts.
dont blame me, i voted for roach