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Opening Arguments

Oh, no, Mr. Pickle!

Some people can do clever, and some can't. The people who do Burger King's TV ads are definitely in the "can't" category. The king mascot is just creepy, even when he's running down a football field, let alone showing up in some guy's bed or hanging out with his wife and kid in the future. How many ways are there to fall flat while trying to be funny? We took the Whoppers off the menu -- ha-ha, fooled you!

Then, I stumbled acrosssomebody writing about this, a print ad, on a paper tray liner. It's definitely funny, in a dark, off-kilter B. Kliban kind of way, or at least it made me laugh. But then I started thinking about those vegetables on my hamburger . . .


Tue, 08/19/2008 - 4:23pm

Well, the day has arrived. The ad agencies are now firmly in the hands of Gen Y account execs and Gen Josh creatives while the stodgy old Gen Xers are being shown the door.

The stuff on diapers and tampons ain't gonna be blue anymore, folks.