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Opening Arguments

Old favorites

This isn't the kinds of thing likely to lure me out of my neighborhood, but the Three Rivers Festival is bringing back an old favorite:

This year's Fort Wayne Newspapers Three Rivers Festival is bringing back, by popular demand, the bed race.

The race, or what organizers called a “real sleeper event” when it debuted in 1974, will feature teams of five

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Wed, 05/16/2007 - 7:43am

I've heard a lot of local women want a male version of the "show us your uh- er-You know" contest.

And I recall the days when the TRF was like 10 days of "Parti Gras" in the summer- 20 beer tents, 50 cent beers- Falstaff( closed- moved to China); And best of all- every local Saloon had HAPPY HOUR- where single men could have a few beers after work, not have to cook,or clean, and might even meet a few single women; or couples could rendezvous after work, for a little post work "stress relief"
Nothing got done- everybody was a little or a lot hungover( depending if you got "lucky" the night before)

And the local crooked Slave driver cheapskate employers didnt care- it was the TRF, after all.
and the local loyal workforce made up for the local "river rats gone wild" by working harder the weeks before, and after the TRF, to make up for it.
and the COPS were there to keep order- like bar security- make sure nobody got hurt, and no property was damaged, and only the worst drivers were carted off to jail- and then only overnight- to sober up. the rest were given rides home if they could act polite, and grateful; and were "grounded" for the night.

Ahh- the good old days- before MADD, and 911.
wont ever see that again soon, will we?
I think I'll move to Nevada.