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Tailing the Komets

Olivier Legault interview

Maybe this will help clear up some questions

Posted in: Komets


Tue, 02/10/2009 - 9:54am

Looked like Legs was squinting during the interview, think there was some light shining in his eyes?

Blake Sebring
Tue, 02/10/2009 - 12:55pm

Just the glare off my head.

Tue, 02/10/2009 - 3:38pm

Have his email address I have a list of guys Legs can have talks with when he gets back. I wonder if this is something he sustained in his AHL tryouts but never surface until he got back here in the Fort. He just did not seem like the same guy from last year.

Tue, 02/10/2009 - 3:51pm

Good luck to him. I hope he has had enough time to heal this time. It must be quite discouraging to have fans saying such negative things about you when they don't really understand the situation.

Wed, 02/11/2009 - 12:47pm

Blake, you should pop these on youtube for more exposure.

Wed, 02/11/2009 - 12:52pm

The paper would not appreciate that, Junior. They want all the hits coming from here.

Fri, 02/13/2009 - 6:02pm

Well, you do a great job w/ these video blogs Blake. I know I always appreciate and enjoy 'em.