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Tailing the Komets

One last try

Anybody know where I can find Andy Milne, Gerry Fleury or Mike McKay? I'm trying to put together a Where are they now? list for the next Komets book and those are the only three guys I haven't been able to find who played here at least one season. I've got to have the entire book finished by the end of the playoffs. So far I've found more than 800 former players. The book will be out opening night next season.

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Fri, 04/18/2008 - 7:48am

Mike McKay


there is a picture (back row far right) about 3/4 way down the page, when you get there click edit - find and enter his name.

could be, couldn't be, i don't know.

Fri, 04/18/2008 - 9:11am

Thanks, Burgee, but I don't believe that's him.

Fri, 04/18/2008 - 11:29am

Sorry Blake,
no clue as to where these last three are today. But I am looking forward to the new book! See everyone tonight, I hope its a big crowd! GO KOMETS!