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Tailing the Komets

One more thing

Along with the theme of getting Duhart:

This continues a long Komets' tradition of signing players who played great against them. Who are your favorite examples:

Mine: Marc Boileau, Scott Gruhl, Mitch Messier, Brent Gretzky and Vladimir Tsyplakov.

There are also a bunch of those where didn't work quite as well. Give me your best of those, too: Paul Jerrard, Chad Grills, Tracy Egeland

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Tue, 06/06/2006 - 1:41pm

Duhart hasnt signed

Tue, 06/06/2006 - 2:00pm

Substitute acquiring for signing

Tue, 06/06/2006 - 4:32pm

Brad Aitken.

Tony E
Tue, 06/06/2006 - 4:58pm

If Yankees fans can learn to love Roger Clemens, Komet fans can all love to love Jimmy.
You know, it might be a massage to his ego to look up into the stands and see the same folks who were screaming at him all these years now cheering for him. I really think he will thrive in Fort Wayne.

Hit Somebody!!!
Tue, 06/06/2006 - 10:00pm

Chad Grills??? thanks Blake....I just threw-up all over myself.

Wed, 06/07/2006 - 5:34am

The first words out of my husbands mouth when he walked thru the door after work were, " What are thinking picking up that idiot Duhart?" He then proceeded to tell me to cancel his season ticket. He won't watch him play for us. I will of course support my team, but there will never be any love from me for Duhart. I don't care what kind of a player he is. The Komets have always exemplified class and he's not in that group. Sorry, just had to voice our opinion. We are 2 fans that will never support him.

Wed, 06/07/2006 - 6:41am

Short term memories. Scott Gruhl was just about the most hated opponent at the time he became a Komet. And look what happened there. Cheers all around.

Makes a whole lot of sense to give up on an entire organization because of one player. Better look into where you buy gas, shop for groceries, etc. Somewhere along the line you're giving money to a classless individual or group.

Jungle Monkey
Wed, 06/07/2006 - 7:22am

AS if there haven't been classless Komets in the past or present? Hang out with some of the guys at Pierre's on a weekend and see some class. Duhart has far more class than some of your past "fan favorites". If the guy can play hockey, sign him. It's not a "good guy" competition.

Tony E
Wed, 06/07/2006 - 7:31am

Ilovehockey, ask you husband a question for me. What has Jim Duhart done in his hockey career on or off the ice that can be classified as unforgivable? Has he ended someones career? Has he had multiple DUI's? Has he had multiple drug offenses? Has he had domestic battery problems? I believe the answer is no but the funny thing is, even if the answer was yes to one or all of the above, society..especially the society of sports forgives these people EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I mean, some people will be amazed that this "evil on skates" has a family. Wow he didn't want to leave his pregnant wife when she needed him! To folks who won't forgive him for that, GET OVER IT. 99.9% of you would do the same thing if your wife needed you at that time.
The guy has given you exactly what you love for years!! Not only someone to scream at, but someone who will REACT giving you the satisfaction of thinking you are getting to him. For the most part it is all in harmless fun.
I think some folks are just upset because they won't have a responsive target to scream at this year. Oh WAIT!! Maybe he will still respond if you cheer his name!!
Sigh, maybe I just don't get it.

Tony E
Wed, 06/07/2006 - 7:34am

By the way, if you are serious about cancelling your season tickets, drop me an email. I will buy them from you and give them to Big Brother/Big Sisters so they can be enjoyed by folks who will not care that a 35 year old guy who worries about his wife and kids is playing for the home team.

Wed, 06/07/2006 - 7:51am

Give them to Big Brothers/Big Sisters in Defiance/Henry County Ohio...My sister is exec. director there and they are poorer there and would need them more than the FW ones...lol :)

I hope Duhart stays with the Komets. He's a definate "love to hate" player from an opposing team....maybe we can all learn to "hate to love" him...lol


Wed, 06/07/2006 - 7:56am

No kidding Tony. Really why is he classless? Because he reacts to the fans in the stands. Minor league hockey needs guys like that survive. I love watching him react to the fans. He "gets it".

Say what you want about him. He scores goals and is entertaining. Minor leagues need more guys like him.

Hit Somebody!!!
Wed, 06/07/2006 - 6:55pm

one last word on Duhart, the past 5 or 6 seasons in this league, I have always looked ahead to the games when Duhart is coming to town, because no matter what, I knew that it would be a fun entertaining game because it is fun to scream at the other team villain. I am a huge Reggie Miller fan, I am sure that other fans that aren't Pacers fans loved to hate him too, but they respected him because he is fun to watch. Same story here on a different level.

Thu, 06/08/2006 - 1:40pm

Joe Nathe - wasn't he part of the Murder Inc. line the Toledo Goaldiggers had in the late 70s? We got him, then he retired after just a handful of games.

Bill Bennett - another dud after terrorizing us with the Columbus Owls.

Maybe we could bring in Boris Fistric for his Bobby Orr-like rushes (Neal will appreciate that). He was good for trying to break into Fort Wayne's locker room one year when the Komets eliminated Kalamazoo in the playoffs. He also tried to take Rob Motz' head off one game after Motz scored against K-Zoo.