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Opening Arguments

Our turn

Getting ready for the future:

Most of the evil entrepreneurs and businessmen who drove the economy and paid 95 percent of our taxes for years, and who soon will be enemies of the state, took measures in anticipation of the business-unfriendly new administration. For some reason, when Obama said that he was going to "create jobs in America" by raising taxes on businesses/estates, strengthening unions' powers to organize, raising capital gains taxes and making companies pay into a socialized health care plan, these did not feel like policies employers would like.

[. . .]

 I want to appease the new administration and not be too productive. So, upon Obama's passing his new redistribution plan, I will slow my work schedule, lay off a few people (Obama's got their back) and let someone else bust his tail since I will now be able to get "redistributed wealth" from those poor fools who are ambitious, energetic, work hard and have made good decisions.

Sounds like a plan. Those of us who have paid in and paid in should now start collecting and let otehrs pay in for a while. Let Obama try to run the country based solely on taking more from that evil top 5 percent.