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Tailing the Komets



Posted in: Komets


Hit Somebody!!!
Sun, 11/01/2009 - 10:53am

I will post his here in response to Whole-N-One's post in previous thread....
I don't necessarily think that if we had another fighter, a heavyweight, that any of this would have been different. Would Coach Kromm had thought, wow, they have Jimmy Bonneau on the bench, I am not going to put Big Snake, LawMaster, Bolt, Ruellf, and #10 (can't remember the name) out to goon it up.....No, I don't think it made any difference.

1 of 2 things happened on the Komet's end of things.....(1)Al Sims under-estimated the situation when Kromm put that line out there....which is odd, because I saw it coming when he huddled the team around him on the bench and Snake and LawMaster jumped onto the ice and looked ready to go, How did Coach Sims not see that coming is beyond me....or (2) Coach Sims fell asleep. in the moment. He could have put out Stayzer, Rodger, Thomas, Varone, and Klempa and actually combated the Goons that were out there....at least Stayzer and Rodger could have taken care of the 2 goons out there and really, Thomas and Varone either one could have taken Lawmaster, Lawmaster can't fight....he is soft. I think Rodger could give Snake a run and Stayzer could have at least got a few shots in on Snake if need be, before his grand "fall-down"....

So to me, if any blame needs to go out....I love Al Sims.....but why in the heck did he allow his #1 line go onto the ice unprotected when Big Snake was lined up to take the face-off.....I mean give me a break guys, that should have been the obvious sign. What am I missing here? i am not the only fan in the building that saw this thing going down....It is Robin Big Snake.....HELLO???

Now we have to deal with Brad being out 20+ games because of this bad decision. Brad did what he had to do. I don't blame him at all and no one should. Only thing I wish, is that he could have gotten ahold of Snake and beat the poo out of him. Snake is a Goon and nothing more.

I am still fired up about last night, sleep didn't help me.