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Tailing the Komets

The perfect example

This is what we're talking about with the inconsistency in officiating. Saturday night 21 power plays. Sunday there were 10. Do you really think the Komets played that much differently? Granted, I didn't see the game, but I'm betting if you asked fans who were at both games which one they enjoyed more, they'd mostly say Sunday.

How can any league allow there to be such a disparity in what gets called like this in back-to-back nights? No wonder the players and coaches are confused.

I'm not saying necessarily that one was bad and the other good because I didn't see either game and that would be ludicrous, but I can sure point out the inconsistency of the style of calls and format of play.

I'll even say this: I think the level of officiating in the UHL has improved dramatically over the past four or five years. There's a marked difference in what it used to be. I think this year is a blip on that trend because of the new rules. Everybody is still trying to figure out how to interpret them, especially since the UHL wants the refs to not call it as tight as the NHL.

I'm just not sure some refs are getting and understanding that message.

Here's how much the teams played five-on-five Saturday night: 24 minutes and 50 seconds, including 5:13 in the first period and 6:40 in the second.

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Sun, 02/26/2006 - 9:25pm

The league owes the fan base an explanation, and we're way past the excuse of a new season with new rules. What am i looking for from Mr. Brosal, "Yes we have a problem, it will be worked out by xx/xx/2006 and i sincerely apologize to our fan base, members and players".

When there is a problem, take ownership and fix it.

With technology these days it wouldn't be too hard to have a conference call with the league and all its officials to sort this out.

Sun, 02/26/2006 - 10:25pm

Burgee, the league does that kind of stuff all the time, and they are spending bookoo bucks this year on supervising officials. They really are trying, but it's the minors. I give the league credit for doing its best in this area. Like everything, it's a work in progress.

Mon, 02/27/2006 - 5:11am

If hockey was meant to be played with 4 skaters, or even 3, that would have been the way it was set up. Sat.'s game was no different than a football game withteams . moving up and down the field on penalty yardage. Is this what you want to see?

Tim C.
Mon, 02/27/2006 - 1:21pm

I was at the game and Gallagher called a great game. No major complaints. He called a great game on Friday too in Flint. And this isn't because we won either because he's been with us all season. He is the best ref we've seen all year, hands down.

Mon, 02/27/2006 - 3:12pm

Here's an idea...maybe the players shouldnt clutch and grab so much. While the referees do make some bad calls, I would say I agree with 90-95% of the calls I see, even in the games where there are 20 minor penalties. The players are the ones who need to stop clutching and grabbing, hooking, slashing, etc.

Mon, 02/27/2006 - 3:29pm

Jason, I have absolutely no problem with that, in fact I've been preaching for years that they ought to call things closer and the players will adjust. The problem I have is that the calls are so inconsistent night to night that I don't think the players have a clue about what the line is they can't cross.

Mon, 02/27/2006 - 3:54pm

I DO NOT agree about Galligher.... He is usually pretty sucky.