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Opening Arguments

Prayer break

It's funny what catches the national eye sometimes. I saw the story yesterday about the praying robber at an Indianapolis store and didn't think anything about it. There was nothing to say about it, except maybe a snide remark about praying in public (surely a firing offense) or the dangers of praying without a professional present, so I just moved on. Then I saw that it was all over the news last night, and it even got the attention of "Good Morning America" today. It probably helped that there was video.

This is the most interesting part of the story to me:

Police said Smith took $20 from the cash drawer, leaving the rest of the money behind, and Montez's cell phone from her purse. He turned himself in later that night. His mother had seen surveillance video of the incident on a newscast and urged her son to turn himself in.

It's touching and heartwarming and all that jazz that the young man felt moved to pray and change his mind (mostly) about robbing the place, but that's not something a clerk should count on happening. And the fact that he did change his mind shows that his heart probably wasn't really in it in the first place. And that, as my people would say, is a testament to the fact he was brung up right. Way to go, Mrs. Smith.