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Opening Arguments

The president on drugs

President Bush is touting his Medicare prescription drug plan, exhibit No. 1 in the "Bush is no conservative" argument. My sister went online and followed the instructions to choose a plan for our mother. The plan is impossible to understand, but exceedingly simple to operate, sort of like a TV that people don't know the workings of but know how to turn on or a car they don't understand but can drive. The cynic in me suspects this was the point -- it makes millions of people more dependent than ever on the government. This in the president whose second term was going to be devoted to fostering the "opportunity society," in which people would take more responsibility for their own lives and the federal government would get back to the basics. Right.


LP Mike Sylvester
Wed, 12/14/2005 - 7:34am

Imagine how Sean Hannity and Rush and our own Pat White would have reacted to The Medicare Prescription Drug Plan if the Democrats and President Clinton would have suggested it...

They would have screamed, and yelled, and yelled some more.

This is a TERRIBLE program that my children and grandchildren will pay for with the much higher taxes they will pay due to our current politicians.