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Opening Arguments


Quick, who is the highest-paid state employee in Indiana? Certainly not the governor, who gets a paltry $95,000; he's not even in the top 3,000 when it comes to base salary (4.5 percent or 3,601 of the state's 80,161 employees make $100,000 or more) No, not Purdue University President France Cordova; she makes $450,000 a year. Indiana Supreme Court justices get $151,328 a year. Give up?

If you've been checking out The Indianapolis Star's annual database of state employee salaries, you probably have a pretty good idea it's the basketball coach at Indiana University.

Yep, Tom Crean (below) tops this year's list with a base salary of $600,000 -- or about the same price as seven regular faculty members' salaries in IU's astronomy department.

Tom Crean's job is to win basketball games. The team's record was 6 and 25 last year. This year it was 10 and 21, and the team almost became the first one in the school's history to lose 12 in a row. State troopers average $49,281 a year and library worker $38,283.


john b. kalb
Thu, 03/25/2010 - 10:00am

Is it possible that the trustees at IU need to augment their body with some Purdue Quality Engineers so that someone is using metrics when they pick the next poor soul to run the BB program in Bloomington?

Thu, 03/25/2010 - 10:26am

I guess I'm just not really a True Male(TM), but I'll never understand why coaches get paid so much.
It's always looked to me like the teams with the best players tend to win, regardless of the coach.