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Tailing the Komets

Questions for Colin go here

I just talked to Colin and he's supposed to have another MRI on Friday or Monday depending on the swelling. He'll be checking for questions during the game to start stacking them up here whenever you'd like.

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Hit Somebody!!!
Wed, 04/12/2006 - 1:19pm

Chaulker, Thanks for taking the time to join us idiots on here. I hope that you are healing fast as the team needs you in the playoffs. You are the heart and soul of this team.

Now a question or two...

Which team this year do you get fired up the most for when you see them on the schedule?

Do you feel that the current group of players on this team have the toughness to make a long playoff run?

Finally...Be honest on this one, do you think Blake Sebring is a fan of Komet Hockey or not? Don't let him talk you out of your gut feeling.

Best of luck, get well soon, go Komets!!!

Wed, 04/12/2006 - 1:40pm


Thanks for taking the time out to join us on Blakes blog.

Another thing I would like to thank you for taking the time out for taking pictures with my son a few weeks back, my son Jonathan really, really loved it. It really made his day.

Now on to my question..

Do you have a superstition or something that you do before every game to get yourself pumped up for the game?

again, get well soon you, like hit someboday said, are the heart and soul of the Fort Wayne Komets, and I'm a huge fan of yours, you are so badly needed for a long playoff run...


Wed, 04/12/2006 - 2:04pm

Colin, Kathleen and I are praying for you to have a safe and speedy recovery from your injury. I know that you would like to be playing....but your health is more important. My question for you is: What do you say to the team to help keep them focused on the game, especially since I'm sure that they are also thinking about your situation? Good Luck to you and the team.

Wed, 04/12/2006 - 2:20pm

Killer Colin, I loved watching you handle Turner up in K-Zoo and I know you don't like to fight very much, and since we need you on the ice not in the box, I'm glad you don't, but what was the worst thing someone did or said to you on the ice to make you just want to drop them?

Thanks for your time with all us Komet Geeks...and hope you get healed up soon!

PS I hope someone is still taking care of the post game brews for you guys!

Wed, 04/12/2006 - 2:23pm

Hoss, if I tried to write a sentence with that many commas, I'd probably get fired. LOL.

Wed, 04/12/2006 - 3:07pm

What, do you, ever, mean, , , by , that?

Wed, 04/12/2006 - 3:09pm

Chaulker hope that you can heal quickly and thanks for taking time out to chat with us "ultimate fight fans", oops wrong blog...Not really a few of us on here are fans of hockey in all aspects, scoring, checking, and the occasional fight...Do you think the UHL, with some of the rules changes, have taken apart of the game away that has traditionally been apart of hockey and that being the "fighting" aspect? Thanks and we all here are hoping for a long playoff run...GO K's

Wed, 04/12/2006 - 3:15pm

Hi eveyone! Rockford probally gets me the most fired up! Mostly because of the comments Martinson made last year, and when he did not shake our hands. Can we make a playoff run.... absolutly! Goaltending and simple play is the key to our success. Yes, BLAKE is a SUPER fan, just kidding I am sure he loves the the game of hockey just like the rest of us.

Hit Somebody!!!
Wed, 04/12/2006 - 3:17pm

I knew it Blake. The jig is up....and gone.

Hit Somebody!!!
Wed, 04/12/2006 - 3:19pm

Thanks Colin for your time. Get well soon. Stick it to the IcePigs. Their idiot coach also said you guys are a bunch of average forwards. Leave that one on the bulletin-board.

Jungle Monkey
Wed, 04/12/2006 - 3:25pm

Hey Colin,

Hope the recovery goes well for you. I've enjoyed watching you play since your arrival in Fort Wayne, and hope you are here for years to come.

My question: What one current UHL player not on the Komet roster would you most like to play with? I know that the game that you bring has to earn alot of respect league-wide. What other player do you view in that manner?

Wed, 04/12/2006 - 3:26pm


Thank you for the kind words. I have not had much of a chance to speak with the team since they have been away, but I have talked to a couple of the older guys and I just asked them to step up their own play and to be a little more vocal if needed!

Wed, 04/12/2006 - 3:27pm

We love you Chaulker, Get Well Soon!

Wed, 04/12/2006 - 3:31pm

Hey everyone.....I will be back at game time....another 30 minutes or so (dinner time)

Wed, 04/12/2006 - 3:32pm

Mr. Chaulk...Colin....(not sure what to call you (lol)):

Its very cool that you are here to indulge all of us.......so thank you for that.

Now, I have a hockey question...
What do you think your "best" trick is for winning a face off?

Thanks! GO KOMETS!

Tony E
Wed, 04/12/2006 - 3:33pm

Colin I would like to ask you to talk a little about hockey in Toronto. Talk about the pressures and level of competition of youth hockey in the GTA. Did you play for any coaches that folks might have heard of? Toronto is a second home to me and I think I have a bit of an idea but having never played there,I am sure I only have a glimpse of perspective. Also, are you (or were you) a fellow Leafs fan? I have posted on these blogs about how it can be August, the Jays on a 10 game winning streak and the fan 590 gets more calls about the 5th D-man on the Marlies. So, if you would, talk about your perspectives on Toronto.

Wed, 04/12/2006 - 3:36pm

Hi! Thanks for being on here.

There have been arguments on whether the song "Welcome to the Jungle" really pertains to the Komet fans/teams these days...What do you think?

Wed, 04/12/2006 - 3:48pm

Hi Colin!

First of all, I just wanted to say that I really hope you recover from your injury! The entire Komets section up in Port Huron went deathly silent when we saw you grab your leg. Get well soon and we're all looking forward to seeing you back on the ice, fully recovered!

My question (and it may be a little less hockey-related compared to everyone else): Do opposing teams' fans ever affect you during the games (with the rude comments or chants they start making)? Do the Komets fans that attend the roadgames truthfully help encourage the team when you are away from your home ice?

Thanks for your time, Chaulker! Take care!

Wed, 04/12/2006 - 3:48pm

Hi Colin!
Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with some of your fans. You have no idea how much this means to us!

When you're on the ice and the crowd cheers and screams for you when you score, can you hear the crowd or are you in the "zone" that you might tune out the crowd?

Thanks again for your time... It's much appreciated!

Wed, 04/12/2006 - 3:55pm

Wow Laurie, great minds think alike :)

Wed, 04/12/2006 - 3:56pm

almost game time...


Wed, 04/12/2006 - 3:59pm


I know I've heard the beat writers view of Milam, but what are your thoughts of him?

Wed, 04/12/2006 - 4:17pm

In regards to having a superstition

Wed, 04/12/2006 - 4:17pm

It's really great to have you on here. I hope you get well soon. We are praying for you. Make sure to take care of yourself so that you can come back healthy. We look forward to seeing you back in the lineup until then the guys will have to handle things without the leader. GO KOMETS!!!!!!!!!!!

Wed, 04/12/2006 - 4:22pm

Hey Colin,
Stewie has always been here for your summer hockey schools, now that he's in Danbury will he be making the trip back this year?

Tony E
Wed, 04/12/2006 - 4:23pm

Colin glad to hear you didn't move to the dark side and become a fan of that "other team" in the province lol. Maybe the Leafs will win it one day so everyone around me up here in "hockeytown" will shut up.
Let me ask you this, how is Fort Wayne (the city and organization) thought of by players who have never played here? I would bet 10-15 years ago, you never thought of Indiana as being a hotbed for hockey. I never did until I lived there for a few years. What were your impressions before you came to the Komets and have they changed since you got there?

Wed, 04/12/2006 - 4:34pm


Wed, 04/12/2006 - 4:36pm

Hey Chaulk thanks so much for your time here to talk to us. I hope you heal fast. My questions are 1. Earlier this season you made the comment that the Komets need to play a more physical game to be successful, do you think the team has been more physical or has the team gotten away from that? 2. How significant are the outcome of the games Friday and Saturday (Muskegon and K-zoo) to how the Komets will do in the playoffs do you think? Like I said before, hope you heal fast and we're all cheering for ya!

Jungle Monkey
Wed, 04/12/2006 - 4:36pm

If he were coming back for the schools... He might as well just stay a season or two.

Colin, What are your career goals, if any, after hockey?

Wed, 04/12/2006 - 4:37pm


I know this is quite hypothetical, but if you had to choose one team in the UHL to play for if you couldn't play in FW, what team would that be?