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Tailing the Komets

Readers' choice: MVP

Posted in: Komets


Wed, 01/20/2010 - 5:20pm

I threw up when I read this one! Bouchard just drove within 6 miles of LC Walker arena today and they awarded him 4 assists and an empty net goal.

Wed, 01/20/2010 - 5:49pm

Had I known it was a "who has the most points contest" I would have voted differently.

Wed, 01/20/2010 - 8:08pm

Nellies where are you? Here Nellie Nellie Nellie, surely there is something negative to say or complain about. Any anonymous posters out there to throw some jabs? You know its a bad week when Blake has to post stuff from Savage!

Brendan Savage
Wed, 01/20/2010 - 9:59pm

Blake knows good stuff when he sees it since he writes so much of it himself!

Wed, 01/20/2010 - 10:15pm

ah.. how bout this then. beer is too expensive at he games and the cheese for nachos is too sweet!! negative enough?? Oh, and the soda is either too carbonated or too syrup tasting.. cant ever get it right!! will get back to you with more.. have to stew something up first.

Frozen Water
Wed, 01/20/2010 - 10:54pm

Soda...?? Oh, you mean "pop"! Obviously written by an out-of-towner... That's ok, all are welcome here. I haven't really noticed the pop issues for the most part. The nachos were stale as could be the first night, after that they were better. You forgot to mention the ice cream was too soft early in the season also. It's Coliseum food though, I don't expect to get what I pay for there hahahaha :) I'm still waiting to hear about all of these evil rumors...

Hit Somebody!!!
Wed, 01/20/2010 - 11:04pm

Evil is the wrong word.

Thu, 01/21/2010 - 12:05am

not really an "out of towner" here.. been in fort wayne for 14 years.. just can't bring myself to call it "pop" yet.. Us native "floridians" call it soda... ya caught me Frozen Water.. hats off to ya

Mike in Toronto
Thu, 01/21/2010 - 7:51am

And here I always thought it was "Pop" in Canada and "Soda" in the States. No wonder I feel at home when I visit Fort Wayne. A little lighter banter this morning folks. Hope they can keep the "mo" going on the road. Good Weekend to everyone.

Frozen Water
Thu, 01/21/2010 - 8:25am

Hahahahaha! NegiNel, I'm about to be engaged to a "southerner" and we go rounds over words all the time. If you knew more of the story you'd take that as more of a compliment. It just made my day when you said "soda". She isn't even from too far south, just southern Indiana! In any event, good talking to you. Enjoy the soda :)

Thu, 01/21/2010 - 10:22am

I just call it Pepsi or Coke! Everything else is crap.

Thu, 01/21/2010 - 2:57pm

the tooth fairy film trailer is now available on you tube! looks kinda cute and funny>

Thu, 01/21/2010 - 5:35pm

Brand snob! You'll drink that Diet Rite and you'll like it! There are thirsty scorekeepers in third world countries who would love to have that! ;)

Thu, 01/21/2010 - 8:01pm

No RC Cola? That's a shame.

My wife is from St. Louis and she refuses to say "pop". Funny thing is though that in St. Louis they really butcher the pronunciation of some of the streets there with French names. They even make fun of it on St. Louis's web site.

Also, the term Hoosier is used there a lot but definitely not in an endearing manner.

Thu, 01/21/2010 - 8:25pm

If it aint Tab it aint......

Thu, 01/21/2010 - 8:50pm

I think all Komet fans should drink "Orange Crush" ;)

Fri, 01/22/2010 - 11:55am

Tab? If that's not a blog foul it should be.

Blueline Baby
Fri, 01/22/2010 - 2:38pm

RC cola is the best....I'm an addict myself....first I need one to get there, then 2 to get to the same place....ok, I'm paraphrasing Boucher there....that was a great quote and I'm to lazy to look it up right now!

We have gotten off on some great side things in the last couple days....funny stuff! I love this blog! LOL