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Tailing the Komets

Retired numbers

On another post a debate began about retired numbers, and the possibility of Colin Chaulk someday having his number 91 retired. The old rule was you had to play 10 years and they made exceptions for Steve Fletcher who played seven and one UHL game and for Reggie Primeau at eight years. I think they should stick with 10 years, which means Guy Dupuis would be a possibility and that is all until someone reaches that plateau again.

The Komets' current retired numbers:

5 Terry Pembroke; 6 Lionel Repka; 11 Len Thornson; 12 Reggie Primeau; 16 Eddie Long 18 Robbie Laird; 26 Colin Chin; 30 Robbie Irons; 77 Steve Fletcher. There is also 40 for Bob Chase, 58 for Ken Ullyot and 59 for Colin Lister.

To me, that should be it for a very long time. I'm a purist in that I think you have to go back to playing at least 10 years, and that means Guy Dupuis would be the last one to come up for consideration after this season. Retired numbers should be for exceptional players, and it's supposed to be very hard to achieve.

That's also a reason why the Komets re-started their Hall of Fame, to be able to include everyone else who has made sizeable contributions to the franchise.

What do you think?

As another debate, if the Komets had to name their five greatest players of all-time like is being done now in the Major League Baseball promotion, which five would you pick? That ought to keep you busy all weekend. LOL

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Thu, 08/03/2006 - 1:16pm

Komet PA,
Someone ( I'm not sure if it was you or your predecessor) used to play "Whoomp There It Is" after shootout goals.

I know I railed about "crap" (again, my word for rap) on here a few days ago, but if another post-goal song is needed in place of R 'N' R Pt. 2, this wouldn't be as bad.

What about "Back in Black" as a pre-game song?

Hit Somebody!!!
Thu, 08/03/2006 - 2:29pm

I can see it now....Blakes performing Jungle Love at Pierre's. Super Fan...you put the P in Party!!!!

I will e-mail KW personally the news you break on any new players...say 2 weeks after the news breaks so that he can update the OHIC. It still stands for the Old Hockey Information Center? Right MAN?

Thu, 08/03/2006 - 2:32pm

Larry, I couldn't sleep last night so I looked at my CD collection for good songs. Just as I was about to send the e-mail to you, my PC froze!!! I'll work on the list later tonight and send it along. If that is OK.

Hit Somebody!!!
Thu, 08/03/2006 - 2:46pm

Hey Hoss...no Culture Club...Spice Girls...or Hansen....OK!!!!

Only kidding.

Komet Warrior
Thu, 08/03/2006 - 3:20pm

HIT you cant say MAN anymore since Blakes told us so. HE doesnt want to see any MAN crap he said so he might boot you from this bord.

Hit Somebody!!!
Thu, 08/03/2006 - 3:29pm

Really...No more "MAN Crap?" Well I'll be damned. He may kick me off his BORD with his bitchin boots.....Anybody else feeling that Jungle Love?

Thu, 08/03/2006 - 3:57pm

Hit, you called me out! All those were on my list along with "Song from the musical 'Music MAN'" a little Bennie MAN, some Johnny Cash (The MAN in black), some Method-MAN, Dead-MAN's Party (It's a Oingo Boingo tribute band- NO Joke!), White MAN Kamikaze, and Dead MAN's Curve.

Are those no good either?

Thu, 08/03/2006 - 3:59pm

MAN, thats alot of musical recommedations.

Hit Somebody!!!
Thu, 08/03/2006 - 4:02pm

Why doesn't he ever say WOMAN?

Thu, 08/03/2006 - 4:42pm

Komets PA,

Could you help me out with a couple of my Fort Wayne hockey pet peeves? Both have to do with Hand Pass. Is it possible to announce "Hand Pass" instead of "Advancing the Puck to a Teammate With the Hand"? There aren't too many people who talk like that... "Willful Disregard of the Posted Limit of Speed With A Motor Vehicle" vs "Speeding Ticket". If you could find a way to make that change, I know I could reduce my medication by at least half on game nights.

#2... The MC is supposed to be packed with knowledgeable and astute hockey fans that with the lengthy and storied history of the team have acquired an intimate knowledge of the rulebook. It is beyond comprehension why they choose to ignore the rule that allows a hand pass by the defensive team in their own zone. The place just goes nuts whenever the visiting team commits the phantom rule violation. I can just hear the opposing players sitting on the bench muttering to each other... "What a bunch of stupid _______ _______". Is there some gentle way the Fort Wayne "fans" can be informed at the next whistle? I can think of a few choice phrases that might work... but they probably can't be used... family atmosphere and all that. Any thoughts?


By the way... my thanks to the Komets & the MC for making the attempt to control the exodus in and out of the seats while the puck is in play. Leave your seat at an NHL game during play and there is as much "toughness" and "entertainment" as a person would ever want.

Thu, 08/03/2006 - 5:02pm

Hey Kim, how do you really feel?

Komet Warrior
Thu, 08/03/2006 - 5:19pm

Kim since your knowledeable would you like to join OHIC?

Hit Somebody!!!
Thu, 08/03/2006 - 5:20pm

Hey Kim K....why is it that everytime I go to an Arena in Michigan...mainly Kalamazoo..we have to hear the PA Announcer tell us that it is Full Strength? Duh, like we didn't all ready know that...also, why is it so wrong to pick your nose and eat it too, but everyone in the K-Wing Stadium does it? Get a life WOMAN.

Thu, 08/03/2006 - 5:20pm

I'm passed over every time. My feelings are beginning to get hurt, Warrior.

Hit Somebody!!!
Thu, 08/03/2006 - 5:22pm

JM....you can be in the OHIC as long as you can burp the alphabet and pick your nose and eat it.

Thu, 08/03/2006 - 5:22pm

I though that Slappy was the only booger-eater in Kzoo. Huh. How bout that old Santa Clause looking dude with the Ricola horn? I bet he eats boogers.

Thu, 08/03/2006 - 5:23pm

I always lose my stride at Q while burping the alphabet, Hit. I'll keep practicing.

Hit Somebody!!!
Thu, 08/03/2006 - 5:24pm

Slappy? huh...I'll be damned...what a great name for a mascot...I bet spanky was all ready taken.

Tony E
Thu, 08/03/2006 - 5:25pm

Yes and considering a wise poster once said that I know everything, why haven't I been invited?

Thu, 08/03/2006 - 5:28pm

Tony should file a lawsuit. I think that the OHIC is violating his civil rights by not allowing him to join.....

and all of this because he is CANADIAN.

Komet Warrior
Thu, 08/03/2006 - 5:29pm

Hey Tony I thoght I already asked you that once! So would you like to be in OHIC?

Thu, 08/03/2006 - 5:30pm

The lawsuit put the fear of Blakes in him, MAN!

Hit Somebody!!!
Thu, 08/03/2006 - 5:32pm

I know that one of the rules set forth specifically referenced "no more Enema Man"......but......I think the lawsuit put the fear of Enema Man being in him....in him...MAN!

Thu, 08/03/2006 - 5:32pm

What the bleep is OHIC?

AND... KW what is "knowledeable"?

Hit Somebody!!!
Thu, 08/03/2006 - 5:35pm

Outside Hockey Information Center.....for information about Outside Hockey.....or maybe it is for people Outside of Hockey? or maybe it is a thing like sportscenter that was built outside to broadcast sports information? Heck...I don't know. It sure is something though!!!!

Komet Warrior
Thu, 08/03/2006 - 5:39pm

Kim its Outside Hockey Information Center. WE have updates and share inside NEWS and when it brakes. THe people in it are ME, Blakes, Ameiliea, Mark, and Ice King.

Thu, 08/03/2006 - 5:54pm

I knew Amelia was in..... lol.

Hit Somebody!!!
Thu, 08/03/2006 - 5:56pm

I always love inside news when it BRAKES...

Wow...Komet Warrior, Blakes, AMEILIEA (nice spelling of that name), Mark, and Ice King. Sounds like one heck of a group. We could call them the Fab Five.....

Thu, 08/03/2006 - 6:35pm

Good thoughts on hand pass, Kim. That drives me crazy, along with people screaming for too many men when the other team isn't even touching the puck. We should be smarter than that.

Tony E
Thu, 08/03/2006 - 6:43pm

KW I will have to check with my union rep and see if my contract allows me to join.

Sure one out of every 100 of those will deflect off of 20 legs and find the net but most are knocked into the corner or turned over resulting in a dump down the ice.