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Ricky Kemery, the Horticulture Educator


Ricky Kemery, the Horticulture Educator at the Allen County Extension, put a link on Facebook citing an article about why our honeybees are dying off. These findings are a big step forward in solving what has been a mystery for some years now. To read this very important article, go to: http://www.purdue.edu/newsroom/research/2012/120111KrupkeBees.html

This problem has been talked about and worried about for some time by those who raise bees, farmers and Agriculture and Horticulture professionals – as well as gardeners everywhere. These wonderful creatures are our main pollinators and source of honey and losing them is making a marked difference in our ecosystem and food production.  We preach responsibility and are against using dangerous chemicals on our vegetable gardens and any food crop for that matter – so learning of this is troubling because both these crops are food crops. If these chemicals kill bees, they also kill other beneficial insects and are no doubt harmful to humans.

I am very pleased that it appears an answer has been found and I will be posting information about this as we find out what is being done about this discovery.