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Tailing the Komets

Rookies for rookie

The Komets traded rookies Josh VanderBreggen and Michael Wiggins to Roanoke for rookie defenseman Matt Kenny on Tuesday. Kenny is no relation to former Komet Shane Kenny.

``No. 1 we're still looking for a rookie defenseman,'' Komets General Manager David Franke said. "We weren't satisfied with VanderBreggen's play so we thought we needed to make a change there. Michael Wiggins just really hasn't produced the way we were hoping he would produce. We're still looking for the right combinations, and we feel with the people we're getting in we'll give them a chance to see what they can do.''

Franke said the Komets are still looking for a fifth or sixth defenseman, and Kenny and Mark Lindsay will get a chance to fill that roll. Jason Kean is out for at least another two weeks with problems from a concussion.

What the trade essentially means is that the Komets were probably going to release both players, but they were able to get something for them and both still have jobs.

Over the last two weeks, the Komets have added 10 players and released or traded seven.There are 14 players from the season-opening 20-man roster.

The Komets currently have 23 players on the roster with Kean, Smith and Brent Rumble on injured reserve. One more player can go on IR. There are 13 forwards, 8 defensemen and 2 goaltenders.

Franke also said it's unlikely the Komets will make any more trades between now and Christmas, though some more roster moves will have to be made to get to the 19-man active roster limit. Mark Smith was placed on the seven-day injured reserve with a hip injury, and his status is undetermined for this weekend, Franke said.

Add on: Just talked to Greg Puhalski, and he said the Komets do not have any interest in David Brosseau from Richmond because he is a veteran.

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Tue, 12/13/2005 - 7:13pm

Yeah, I can see why the Komets wouldn't consider a guy like Brosseau. Really, who needs another forward that has maintained a 30-40 goal avaerage his entire career? Not the Komets, who are near the basement in scoring.
We'll see how Lindsay and Kenny do but I am not real happy about the trade of Vanderbreggen right now. One of the few Komets defensemen who are not camped in the minus area and one person who doesn't shy away from physical contact. That is something we surely lack with whom we have left.

Tue, 12/13/2005 - 7:36pm

"We weren

Tue, 12/13/2005 - 8:50pm

I cannot believe we traded VanderBreggen! Obviously with the high energy and physical effort he put out, when Coach actually allowed him on the ice, was too much for the other guys to live up to. Aside from Drouin and Chaulk, he put forth more effort than anyone else out there, and definitely gave us a physical presence. I guess we are playing in a no contact league! I wish we would trade Worlton and fill that spot with someone who can really contribute. Galbraith brings some attitude but takes way too many stupid minor penalties to really contribute. I hope these new guys can fill a void that will be gone with VanderBreggen, even though we really didn't give him a chance.

Wed, 12/14/2005 - 8:50am

I absolutely cannot believe we traded the one bright spot that we had on this team. It's Rhett Trombley all over again. We finally pick up a guy who can fill the physical void and we don't even give him a chance to perform. I'm so bent out of shape I don't know that I will even attend another game.

Wed, 12/14/2005 - 11:04am

I'm with everyone so far. I think for as much as VenderBregen played he played well enough. I liked the edge he seemd to come with. And unlike Jorde, he doesn't mind getting dirty and grinding it out. Why again did we trade for this Jorde kid. I also think Worlton would have a easy cut. Doesn't do much on the ice and you could fill his spot with somebaody who could play a more regular shift.

Wed, 12/14/2005 - 11:32am

Worlton is not as easy cut as you may think and his importance to the team is under estimated by some of you. Yes, I wish we had an "enforcer" you could skate like Big Snake or Chaz Johnson to where they are not a pilon on skates. His role is to fire up the team or the crowd which is one in the same actually. Whether its chirping, beating down a turtled Tibbets, throwing a hit, or taking a beating himself. He does his role as good as anyone. His role is not to deke end to end and put pucks in the net.
Its almost night and day how this team plays at when the crowd is buzzing from the play or something "physical" that has occured vs. if the crowd is almost falling alseep. Based strictly off everything we have acquired (all the new faces during the roadtrip) and traded (Stewart and Vanderbreggen), his presense is needed a hell of alot more than Brent Rumble's at this point.

Wed, 12/14/2005 - 4:38pm

Coach isn't nuts, they just don't have a veteran spot available right now. Another thing to consider: One reason the Komets didn't fill out their veteran quota earlier this year was because they brought so many players back, and everyone wanted a raise. That cut into the budget for what you could pay an incoming veteran.

The Komets are also interested to see how this team works out between now and New Year's. There's been so much change, so let's see how they do with some stability for a while.

Wed, 12/14/2005 - 4:53pm

I fail to see how Worlton fires the crowd up? I'm sorry but when you get beat up constantly it fires the other team up. He can't skate, can't handle the puck, and can't fight. His roster spot could be used a lot better by someone else. Here's a question for everyone...Say it comes down to keeping Kelly Miller or releasing Jeff Worlton. Who do you keep?

Wed, 12/14/2005 - 5:04pm


Wed, 12/14/2005 - 7:20pm

we could get brosseau easily. dump guinn whos wasting a veterns spot and get oneof the sponsors to get brosseau a job off the ice. ( how do you think quad city aalways had such good players for so many years in a row?

Keep on winning!!!
Wed, 12/14/2005 - 8:12pm

Someone finally read my mind. Get rid of Rob Guinn. He is a waste on the ice. He is not physical, he gives up the puck constantly, he mopes around out on the ice, and stinks. The idea the Komets could sign Kelly Miller for the rest of the year is as exciting as anything I have heard this week. He can make plays on the ice. He skates very well and is able to get behind defenses better than anyone we have. He also is a great penalty killer which we need since we gave up on Danny Stewart. By the way, you are right guys, Jorde sucks. Why do so many people want to keep Worlton around to fire up the crowd? Coach Pulcrapski only puts him in 1-3 shifts or less (0) a game and usually puts him in after we have given up a powerplay goal and he ends up going right back to the penalty box after he gets his butt kicked. Maybe he would be a keeper if we had a different coach that would use him better. But that ain't going to happen. Why is it that the Brilliant coach is so afraid to sign a player that can score goals like Brosseau? Yep, we would much rather have Guinn taking up a veteran spot than a goal scorer. Vanderbreggen was another miscalculation by the team brass, that makes no sense!!! A young defensemen who moves, hits, positions himself well on the ice, and has heart. He doesn't even carry an AARP card like the other half of our defense. Why would we want to keep him? Everyone thinks Galbraith is the Savior or something. He has been all blow, and no show. AKA Chad Grills: until proven different.

Wed, 12/14/2005 - 9:36pm

Sorry scoops, Worlton isn't worth the roster spot. He has the others guys back, but besides getting beatup all he does is clutch and grab and debate a bit with the other player. If he had any kind of hockey skills it would be a totally different story, but he adds nothing to the team.

Thu, 12/15/2005 - 9:43am

What games are you guys watching? The only fight he got roasted in was the Fels fight which resulted in a concussion. Muskegon came in 2 weeks later and Worlton squared off with him again and he got the best of Fels. Win some, lose some. In the case where he got rag-dolled, someone should of stepped up for us to get that momentum back. Jeff did what he did because after pissing away a 4 goal lead, we lost momentum. Players were flat. What did anyone do after the fight? Nothing, and we go on to lose 9-6.

Don't get all crazy about Kelly Miller. If he was that great he would be playing somewhere. He played here before. Came in, played well initially and then production kind of fell off. I did like what he brought to the team regardless. If it came down to having one spot for a Brosseau type or a Worlton type....thats an easy choice. We just better hope someone steps up the role of policeman instead of relying on "well, if I have to then I will" guys. But getting all worked up about keeping Kelly Miller or Brent Rumble over Jeff Worlton is nuts. His role on and off the ice is more important than the 5 or 6 goals these other guys might get for the rest of the season playing as an extra forward.

Thu, 12/15/2005 - 10:49am

The problem scoops is that Worlton just play the game except to fight and nine times out of ten he's going to get the extra two we don't need to take. And if our horrible coach can see he's not worth the regular shift, what's a real coach going to do with him?
Blake, I think I'm beginnig to see why the problem, Everyone wanted a raise. Well I hope they are spending it well cause they aren't playing worth a plugged nickel

Thu, 12/15/2005 - 12:55pm

Worlton has taken one instigator penalty all season that I can recall and that was because Tibbets turtled. Smart play on his part I suppose. But let see what that did....

Komets kill off a 7 minute PP by Rockford, which gets the crowd even more charged up after the beating. They score two goals in the first period if I recall. The tone was set for the rest of the game. Rockford wanted to play dirty and EVERYONE stood up to the task. That was the most enjoyable game of the season. And it all started on a Jeff Worlton pummeling in the first few seconds of the game. Man...that is such a bad thing.

Thu, 12/15/2005 - 1:02pm

To further comment on that, I heard SEVERAL people in the rotunda between periods comment on how the K's were playing that night. "Who is this team? These ain't the guys who played last night." Those were some of the general statements overheard between periods. Did Worly score? Nope. But he is just as responsible in contributing to that win as anyone else who did.
And no matter who is kept, dealt, or released....there is always someone not playing a regular shift on the bench.


Thu, 12/15/2005 - 4:09pm

Welcome to my life, Greg. I get mad people calling and e-mailing me all the time because I won't take their point of view. As for who will get cut, it might not be anyone. See the next post, please.