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Opening Arguments

Roundabout point

Am I wrong to think this is an overreaction?

CARMEL, N.Y. - A 14-year-old freshman at Carmel High School was suspended after he brought bullets into school Tuesday, police said.

[. . .]

After an investigation, a male student who was interviewed admitted that he accidentally brought the bullets to school.

He told police that he had gone target shooting under parental supervision and had gone to school without realizing he still had the ammunition in his pants pockets.

If it is an overraction, it's not just the school's -- New York state law makes it a juvenile delinquency offense for anyone under 16 to have ammunition on school property. This obviously isn't about safety, or at least just about safety -- it's about making a point. The five .22 rounds "bulletsin question, whether they were really brought in accidentally or not, aren't going to hurt anybody unless they are thrown really, really hard.


Bob G.
Fri, 12/19/2008 - 1:21pm

Or....maybe he was going to toss them into that "pep rally" bonfire.....pret-ty sneaky.

Bet that "point" these people made matches the one on their HEADS PERFECTLY!


tim zank
Fri, 12/19/2008 - 1:42pm

It has EVERYTHING to do with "zero tolerance" and NOTHING to do with "common sense". Your tax dollars and the NEA at work!