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Opening Arguments


Oh, those wacky, fun-loving teenagers:

WHEATLAND, N.Y. — Police say four upstate New York teenagers who tried to hold their breath for the time it took their car to go a third of a mile were hurt when the driver fainted.

This reminded me of an arresting ad that's been on TV lately, showing an incredibly messy bedroom along with the tagline (paraphrasing from memory): "At least you don't have to share a room with 16-year-olds. But you do have to share the road with them." In my day, we did only safe stupid things with cars, such as the (offensively named, yeah, yeah, yeah) Chinese Fire Drill, in which everyone got out and changed places with each other while the car was stopped at a red light. Well, there was that whole fooling around at the drive-in theater thing that today's kids will sadly miss out on.

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Bob G.
Wed, 05/26/2010 - 9:47am

This just in from the ACLU:
Henceforth, "Chinese" fire drills will be referred to as:
"Overseas Contingency Pyrotechnic Procedures"

Just wanted you to know.