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Tailing the Komets

Shaf has a concussion

Konstantin Shafranov suffered a concussion Saturday night when he was hit by an elbow from Dayton's Greg Labienski with 14:30 left in the third period. Coach Al Sims said Shafranov will not play tomorrow in Muskegon and will be re-evaluated

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Five Minute Major
Sat, 11/14/2009 - 11:09pm

That was an ugly hit... I figured Shaf had a concussion when he didn't come back out. Why were Marks and Mior so upset after PC's goal?

Sat, 11/14/2009 - 11:13pm

I hope that the tape of the play where Shaf was injured is reviewed by the league. A fine and/or suspension would look to be in order.

Brandon M
Sat, 11/14/2009 - 11:32pm

Five Minute, Looked like they thought Stayzer was too far into the crease when that shot went in!! They were acting like the ref was gonna call it back from watching it on the scoreboard. Stayzer has 2 big assists in the last two games that he probably got no credit for. He is a huge asset on the power play in my opinion. He blocked both goalies from even seeing the puck. Maybe he should let Schrock do the fighting till Mac gets back and just play his role.

Blake Sebring
Sat, 11/14/2009 - 11:33pm

It will be reviewed.

Sun, 11/15/2009 - 12:09am

You would think after what happened to Ben Fanelli this year players would get the idea that out of control and cheap hits aren't worth the price.

Sun, 11/15/2009 - 1:39am

Ow. I hate it when that happens. :(

I thought the crowd was going to tear the place apart when they showed the hit over and over again clear as day on the scoreboard and nothing was done to penalize Labienski. Get well wishes to Shaffy. He's had some tough breaks lately.

Sun, 11/15/2009 - 1:58am

And Mightbite, if you're out there, where the heck were you? I thought I knew where you sit, but I didn't see anyone there. If you can't do emails, I need a phone #. Have someone else email it to me if necessary. My address is on here a few posts back. If I can't talk to you before Friday, we can't do the interview. So yeah, I'm going to need that from you pretty much immediately.

Sun, 11/15/2009 - 6:10am

Wendy, we was there Fri. & Sat. We about always are there for the warm-ups. Try e-mails the MRS. did a bunch of updates=don't know if that helped? I was on the scoreboard 2 times this weekend=WOW.

Sun, 11/15/2009 - 9:49am

Glad the K's got the win but I have 2 observations:

1. Stayzer is a great guy and very versatile. He isn't afraid to drop em against anybody. He just isn't a true heavyweight and is getting handled by the heavyweight that every other team has. Where is ours? Mac is very very tough but you can't expect someone that is 5-11 to have to go against guys like Sawyer, Goulet, etc, that go 6-5 or 6-6 and 245 lbs.

2. Why did no one step up and take care of Labenski when he elbowed Shaf???????? We are going to start to get the reputation that messing with our skill players is acceptable. Look what happed when Leo Thomas put the QC player into our bench......he got flattened by Goulet. Yes, Goulet got a penalty, but the message was sent.

Sun, 11/15/2009 - 10:13am

mightbite you are a star now, one more time on the scoreboard and you could of had the hat trick.

i see what everyone means about stayzer not beng about to stand up during a fight, parker from dayton might have been the worst skater and hockey player that i have ever seen play against the komets, he was running into his own players during warmups.

i predict a scrap or two today but nothing to crazy,

Hit Somebody!!!
Sun, 11/15/2009 - 11:11am

Totally agree, No one stood-up for Shaf.....I thought Warner was going after Labenski, and then he suddenly stopped and turned around like he was told to stop, or he thought better of it. But either way, it was a play that Labenski meant to do obviously.....and we once again just stood around and did nothing. That ticks me off and I am sure alot of other people too. Labenski was on the ice plenty of times after that incident, in fact he was against the boards at least a half-a-dozen times that I saw where he could have been simply checked, and no one had the balls to touch him. What is with that?

I heard hundreds yelling.....where is Mac at when you need him.....and really, I think he might be the only guy that cares enough to do anything. How many times do we allow Shaf take a beating before someone other than Mac steps up and does something other than Stayzer being a punching bag....the back of his jersey now reads "Everlast".....

All the tough talk by certain guys in the Newspapers about getting revenge on Muskegon.....and then right in front of them last night they have an ugly Elbow.....and we have to wait for Brad Jones to give out the punishment. Crazy.

Sun, 11/15/2009 - 11:25am

Guess a victory was not enough for you. I had not happy about Shaf either but let's be fair. That was out of character for Labinsky. I think the players out there knew that. It was a tight game and the players wanted to win. Al doesn't take pure goons on the squad and he knows hockey better then anyone on the board. That's why he's the coach. So please get over the goon thing and let's celebrate a great start to the season.

Sun, 11/15/2009 - 11:40am

G_Hockey, The victory is nice, yes. But at what price? So it is ok to do nothing and have our skill players constantly pummeled? Yes, we won but now have lost one of our leading scorers. I am not advocating goonery at all, just the simple concept that you stand up for each other. That has been an unwritten rule in hockey and all of team sports for as long as they have been around. Failure to stand up to plays like Labenski made last night just opens the door for it to happen again and again. It is a simple fact of how the game is played.

Hit Somebody!!!
Sun, 11/15/2009 - 12:07pm

You think last night was bad....just wait for tonight...

The Komet Players ran their mouths about seeking revenge against Muskegon....Stayzer.....and now they travel up there to take their medicine. You think tonight's game won't be about Muskegon Cheapshots and beatdowns. Our only hope is MacMillan jumping out of the stands to come to his team's defense.

Or since Big Al is such a smart man, maybe he can jump onto the ice and protect his fallen players as they cart them to the locker-room.

I think anyone here who says "We got a win"....you need to look at things alot closer. We got a win, yes, but Shaf will be out for several weeks. What player or players would you prefer to lose next at the expense of getting another win? Labenski no matter if it was out of character or not, went head-hunting with an elbow and connected......no one did a thing. Nothing at all. He could have been ran through the boards several of times last night, but no one touched him.

It is not about Goonery, it is about sticking up for your teammates and sending a message that if you take a cheapshot on our guy, you better well be prepared to pay for it. Muskegon sent that message to us....how do you suppose we will respond to that......hope we don't get embarrassed tonight.

Sun, 11/15/2009 - 12:27pm

that was just wrong what happened to him. the worse thing was the refs were watching the play on the screen afterwards and they did not say anything. i think those kind of cheap shots should not be allowed. and even if the leauge would review it they are only going to give him a slap on the wrist like they did with muskegons players. i really think the komets should move up to the AHL we dont need this crap!

Sun, 11/15/2009 - 12:43pm

Referees cannot make calls based on what they see on a jumbotron and the notion that moving to another league means that stuff like this won't happen...
Is Steve Downie still running around there?

Or perhaps you prefer this beautiful stuff from your lovely AHL?

Sun, 11/15/2009 - 12:49pm

those are the risks we take but i bet you those players got what they deserved penalty and suspension wise. i mean our leauge would probably just of given a 15 game suspension like what they gave brad. besides we have won 2 turner cups in a row i think it is time to have a little more competition and we have enough fan support for it. i mean come on you heard how many fans showed up last year for some of the flint or port huron games. that is like two times less. i think we are ready!

Five Minute Major
Sun, 11/15/2009 - 1:11pm

Thanks Brandon! Guess I didn't realize that Stayzer was that close to the play when the puck went in... how I could miss his large self there is beyond me.

Sun, 11/15/2009 - 1:50pm

So let me get this straight....
Because the Komets win, they should leave and find a league they can lose in?

Steve Downie got only 20 games for hitting an official with his stick
And Mike Sgroi? Got TEN games for attacking the player sitting in the penalty box.

Sorry bud but the AHL hands on fines and penalties in the same manner that the IHL does. In fact in some cases maybe even LESS because they are under pressure from the parent club to keep their goons on the ice to protect the stars who may be needed for call ups.

Sun, 11/15/2009 - 2:12pm

The Komets look like a bunch of punks. Keith Rodger shouldn't have talked, he should have fed his fist to Labenski. Sims needs to send a better message to the league. Right now we look like the nerdy kid on the playground that is all too happy to be bullied. I'd rather lose like men than win like a bunch of sissies.

Tim Hoke
Sun, 11/15/2009 - 2:25pm

We are NOT going to the AHL. Period. We wont even think about it in the future! We win two regular season titles and two Turner Cups in a row and somehow that isnt enough. Guess you cannot please all the people all the time. Iwould however like to see Jimmy Bonneau come back here for the added toughness. Looks like we will need that.

Sun, 11/15/2009 - 3:10pm

I know shaf is no gretzky but do you think mcsorley or someone on that oiler team would have let him get elbowed in the head? yes the komets won but they played to the level of a less talented team, maybe they were saving it for today, as far as today who is going to drop the gloves if need be? stayzer, shrock, after that i dont see to many others willing and able.

Sun, 11/15/2009 - 3:18pm

heres a question for blake or anyone else, if the blackhawks or redwings approached the frankes and said you have great fan support a great building and tradition and we would like to put our top prospects in the fort and put you in the AHL. do you think that they would at least think about it?

Sun, 11/15/2009 - 3:48pm

I'd have to see the replay again, but at the time, it seemed to me that there was nothing accidental about it. I didn't see Shafy change direction or lower his head at the last second. I just saw Labenski skate by and put his elbow up. If that was indeed the case, it doesn't matter what kind of reputation he had prior to the incident. Someone needed to make a statement. That's hockey. It's not just about getting the win. It's about how you win. And your opponents have to know that you won't let things like that slide.

As for the AHL people, you're wasting your breath. They are like that crazy uncle that everyone has. You can't reason with them, so arguing accomplishes nothing. They'll insist the sky is red, not blue, to their last breath. Ultimately you just have to ignore them. "What's that you say? We should go to the AHL? That's nice, dear."

mightbite: I'll try the email again, though I'm not sure if I remember it correctly. Since it wasn't working, I didn't keep it. But as I recall, it was pretty straight forward. So... You weren't in your seats during the game? Only warm-ups? I tried to get there early, but as usual I wound up being fashionably late. :S

Sun, 11/15/2009 - 4:22pm

I think the dirty stuff happens in every league so I don't believe that we need to go to the AHL or any other league. The majority of the time when cheap stuff happens it is when you have a very tough (physical) team taking advantage of a team that does not have the policing ability to stop it. Sure, when 2 teams with plenty of toughness square off it is physical and there are some fights, but the big guys go at it with the big guys and you usually don't have teams going after the other guys skill players with cheap shots. I think this is the least toughest team that we have had in years. We lack those 1 or 2 guys that are true heavyweights to keep the other team honest. Victories are nice but at what expense? I love our team but I also think that we need better balance in the toughness department. I am not talking about goons, rather guys with some size that can fight when necessary, who will answer the bell when another team takes liberties with our scorers. It is interesting when Bonneau came that the team said that we really needed that presence on the ice. The whole reason that he was called back up was because his AHL team "needed someone to protect their skill players". The same can be said for when we got Henley a few years back. The captain of the team (Bruce Richardson) came out in the paper and said that "we all play a foot taller when he is in the lineup".

Sun, 11/15/2009 - 6:24pm

shaf is going on the 30 day ir and rodger was going after the guy but he wanted no put he asked him to go