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Opening Arguments

Sharing the wealth

Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead! Oh, wait. Never mind:

The Indiana Anatomical Education Board, run by the Indiana University Medical School, registers donors and then arranges for the cadavers to be used for medical student training across the state, including at Purdue University.

The program has been getting roughly 225 donors in each of the past couple of years, which is an increase from the 150 it averaged years earlier, said Dr. David Burr, chairman of the Anatomical Education Board.

Now Indiana wants to share the extra cadavers it has available with medical school programs in other states. And a measure being considered by the legislature this spring would allow the state's program to do so.

Glad they have that "take these bodies off our hands" backup plan. Hate to think of somebody toiling away on a Soylent Alpo recipe.

That was in bad taste on so many levels, wasn't it? Oh, well. I only posted it as an excuse to link to a Monty Python ciip.

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