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Opening Arguments

Show-me state

Could it be that Indianapolis is even more prudish than Fort Wayne? The Marion County Alcoholic Beverage Board unanimously voted against a permit for the Show-Me restaurant and sports bar:

The Marion County board's 4-0 decision followed about four hours of testimony from neighborhood leaders, residents, pastors and elected officials, all of whom said the restaurant's image -- bolstered by the tiny shorts and tight-fitting tops worn by its waitresses -- would not fit in the family community.

Guess "Show-Me" isn't that suble a name. How does this place differ from Hooters, exactly? I went there once, taken for a surprise birthday lunch by a couple of women friends and co-workers. They probably thougt it would be fun to watch me squirm, trying to take in the pulchritude while pretending not to notice it. Well, it worked.