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Tailing the Komets

Sims on Chaulk

Besides getting into a fight, Colin Chaulk had a rare hat trick for him on Friday night, earning three minor penalties in the second period. Coach Al Sims had a humorous take on that in the post-game interview.

"After the last one, I had to take him to the bench. I said, `Come to the bench, don't go out and get another one.' The first two times I said, `Go right out and play,' and three seconds later he was back in box, so the last time I brought him to the bench, and he said, `I can't believe he's calling that stuff.' There was a lot of frustration from a long summer in Chaulker. He doesn't fight very much. I think he got all his frustration out tonight."

Sims also said he was impressed with Lincoln Kaleigh Schrock, T.J. Schneider and Vince Laise on Friday night. Saturday's lineup in Muskegon will include Evgeny Saidachev, Leo Thomas, Tim Haun, Matt Woodard and Zach Gieszler. A couple of the veterans from tonight's game will also play in back-to-back games to help them get into shape.

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Blueline Baby
Sat, 10/10/2009 - 7:19pm

I think Coach will be very happy with Saidachev. He is a great player! Give him a chance. He can be a great scorer for us, has great hands, and can skate. We'd be fools to let him go to another team!!!