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Tailing the Komets

Sims happy for Reiter

Komets coach Al Sims said he's very happy for goaltender Kevin Reiter that he got the chance to sign in England.

“I figured we wouldn't get both guys back,” Sims said. “After winning a championship, the whole idea is to give people the opportunities to play in places they've always wanted to play or in higher leagues. This is what we wanted them to do. (Matt) Reynolds put that into a trip to Europe and so has Kevin. I told them both you can always come back here and play.”

“We've had a lot of goalies offered to us that we've said no to because we were waiting on Rieter,” Sims said. “I'm sure we'll have three or four kids here in camp and we'll take the best one. It's a big advantage to having two guys like we had last year. If we can do that by waiting until late again that may be an option. It certainly seems like goalies fall out in the first week of the season.”

Sims also said he expects to start the season with seven or eight rookies just like the Komets did last season. The team currently has five under contract. Last year players like Mitch Woods, Mathieu Curadeau and Olivier Legault all signed just before training camp or after the season had started.

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