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Opening Arguments


Wonder if any of these will show up in Fort Wayne:

Despite the smoking ban - because of it, actually - Philadelphia now has "smoke-easies," a play on "speakeasies" that came to us with the Prohibition of alcohol. Prohibition was enacted in 1920, repealed in 1933 and largely ignored in between. I'm surprised at how many Americans meekly obey smoking bans.

This is about Philadelphians who don't.

For reasons even the dimmest Nicotine Nazi would understand, I'm not naming names or giving locations of the "smoke-easies" I found.

Why do the owners risk fines?

I'll call the proprietor Joe Friday, to honor his former trade. His smoke-easy is within walking distance of one of Philadelphia's universities.

"It's my bar, it's my four walls, cigarettes are legal," he says. "Why can't I allow my customers to smoke?"

I have an idea or two of where one might show up, but I'll keep that to myself, for reasons even the dimmest etc. etc.

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